Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just Go

This picture was taken a few weeks back -an impromtu night out with the girls. And because it was impromtu, we had smashing fun (literally)!

MelissaIndot @ Sarsi told us at the 11th hour that she was 'invited' to sing at ZetaBar with MasterPlan. Excitedly, we told her we'll be there (on a weekday mind you!) despite the fact that we all had an early day the next morning. So the girls, (some) of our partners and the IndotClan were all there to give our girl our love and support.

She did great as expected and I was glad to have gone. To go with the flow. To Just Go.

On another note, I've been advised to not think or dwell too much on my off & on pregnancy gung-ho-ness. Sekejap nak, sekejap tak nak. Its strange really. I've been feeling pretty wired out lately. I never thought I'd be the sort to want babies as soon as I say "I do". Perhaps its just age catching up or its just my eagerness to please the parents on bearing the first grandchild? Whatever it is, as I wait for my mensus to wave its red flag; I am feeling slightly apprehensive.

What if?


Letting Go. Living life as it is. Going with the flow of things. Just Go.

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  1. Always appreciate your support.... are you coming to my gig on July 18th at No Black Tie??

    Yes... I've finally started blogging..