Just Cavali, (Dtk FKhan), BCBG & DolceG

Last Saturday, we attended the Melium Galleria Launch at KLCC. I bought this gorgeous apple green JC dress -- managed to 'korek' some money to buy it -- fell in love with it not only cause it was so me (ie: hiau = gatal.com), but because this tanga minidress had these intricate ruffled pockets that made my arse less fatter and great for keeping my knick knacks in. Plus, you know how (tight) mini dresses are supposed to be lycra-snug? Hence, no (fat) pockets? Well, this baby had them, and useful too! ( I did an experiment at home -- I put my video camera and my Sony Ericson in one pocket; and my adidas makeup bag in the other! Besides the uncomfortable weight, the dress seems okay)

Mas chose a beautiful purple & black with gold trimmings JC skirt and she topped it up with the host's label - FarahKhan; Mui went with a gorgeous red chiffon dress by BCBG and Nino paired his white Emporio Armani with a D&G shirt.


Rereading this entry made me realize 2 things:
1. I have no career as a fashion writer
2. Mahal pulak nak jadi 'socialite' ni.

I didn't manage to get pictures of the setup but the one thing indescribable was the 'red carpet' they made us walk.
First of all, it was not a carpet. Neither was it red.
It was mirrored glass (long) walk way.

Now, Mas was lucky. Her mermaid-tailed JC skirt fell elegantly on the floor covering her Va-JJ. Mine on the other hand....sigh.
Thank God for pretty underwear from VictoriaSecret (silent inspriration to look like the VS models!). My crew came to cover the event and according to the cameraman, when the 32 hot Brazilians models sashayed the "catwalk", he saw amazing stuff. My lesbo dream died when he told me that the hottest model (pant pant) had lots of...er...fluff. A LOT of fluff.
(and you think they'd do the Brazilian huh?)

Sitting down at the terrace, we had a discussion on why champers are served only if you have royal blood. That's when we decided to head down to Zeta to celebrate KakBetty's birthday.

There is just so much socialism one can handle in 2 weeks. Been out and about for the last few weeks and the late nights have taken its toll.

Back to the gym. The crab needs her hole.


  1. hahahahaha...talk about pockets in dresses, reminds me of a certain course mate of mine during uni days who without fail, would have pockets in all of her baju kurungs..sorry to say this, no matter how practical it was to have them, it looks damn funny... not sure how it looks on yours tho..am sure it looks good otherwise Mas & Mui would have told you off...hahahha

  2. Glad to see your blog back online for us! :)

  3. so gorgeous! <3

    p/s: i love ur show.

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