Sunday, April 1, 2007

Friends of Friends

I am having my creme puffs and ginger tea at a cafe near home. I can't help but listen to the conversation of a group of girls btiching about "their friend Claire" - who "stole" a member of their group.

Apparently curly-hair "rebecca" had introduced Claire - the girlfriend of her cousin, to another girlfriend, Siew Lin (which i presume was part of their Ah Lian-Upper-Class group) and now Claire and Siew Lin are the bestest of pals!

Sipping my tea, I can't help but smirk.

Have you been in a situation where you introduce another pal, to another -- and they click so well-- then they go out and leave you alone?

Apparently Curly-hair Rebecca and her not-so-wholesome posse is feeling sore about this. They are upset that Siew Lin is no longer hanging with them, but more with Claire.

I know..I know..It sounds silly right? I nearly choked on my creme puff when Rebecca started complaining and told her fanclub, "I'm going to ask cousin Ko-Ko to break up with her!" *which by the way. Why say cousin koko when you just mean your cousin? Cousin big brother. I don't get the lingo.*

Well, I haven't had that problem so far. This picture is my husband and I with 2 very close pals of ours who were introduced to us by my darling friend Mas. Mas and Mui are bestfriends, but since Ryan gets along so well with Nino, and Mui is an outrageous chick who makes me smile with her funny antics, the friendship has only grown stronger. And is Mas upset about this? Hell no. In fact, we triple date or when the hubby is not around, I am often the 3 wheeler of their double dating scene.

Friends of friends. I think the concept of SEPARATION BY 6 DEGREES is no longer applicable. It would be 2 or 3 by now. Its a small world afterall, don't you think?

Hey...that girl near curly hair rebecca looks strangely familiar....

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