Friday, April 13, 2007

Formula 1- Sepang

All I can say for this year's F1 is Oh..My..Jhod!
Brag mode ON.

A guardian angel sent a chopper for us so we didn't have go through the torrid jam. So we flew (on the 'same flight' as Kanye West and Earth Wind & Fire!)
We got exclusive paddock invites to watch the race. Mas and I also grabbed the chance to visit the Renault team garage.
Amidst champagne and racked lamb (not that I am such a fan of the latter), we met some interesting folks and of course sniffed the air of burnt tyres and (I swear) the burp of one particular driver.

The pictures aren't in sequence (and there were plenty more ...*thanks Mui Kuih*) but check out who we danced with at the afterparty at Velvet, Zouk!
Yes, his eyes are (naturally) huge! He reminds me of a lost bambi...and he dances really good too! Yee ha!

But I strongly believe by road or by chopper, at the paddock or squatted at the hills with only an umbrella, the company you are with is all that matters... So a big THANK YOU to Mui and Mas for making my recent weeks a bearable one!
And to the men who tickle me silly while my hubby and bestfriend is busy making a career for themselves, here's a golliwog hug... and to that guardian angel....the boss of the prayers that you will find comfort in your situation and we are always here for you.


  1. hello daphne..

    kinda surprised found your blog online.. didnt know u blog though :p nice entries, awesome pics! keep blogging, muahx.

    p.s my dad is your no.1 fan ;)

  2. Mannn!! have to stop reading your blog (kidding) i know what it's like to be really really be able to go to F1 is one thing(missed it again), but to be able to do in style, sigh!!, would have settled for the paddock seats.. wouldn't mind "lepaking" with the drivers that is so cool!!