Sunday, March 11, 2007

The return of the prodigal blogger

I am back.

After a few months of being cross with those rotten, unethical beings, I have decided to reopen this blog cause

1) To invite readers to my blog very ma-fan wan. ( Happy faces now ladies and gents -- you know who you are)
2) I miss blogging and whats blogging without getting feedback- good or bad?

* which btw, I don't understand it when some bloggers write : this is a private blog. For crying out loud, Its a web log of pictures, pennings and musings. Key word here WEB, It is for others to somehow view anyway.If you intended it to be PRIVATE, you would of not posted it. Although I do understand (now that I kena liao) the frustration when unethical weirdos take the pictures from an individual blog and creates their own version of the "picture's story". Worst still when 3 newspapers decide to publish the pictures with untrue reports.
That's just sadly pathetic.

3) I want to show you my wedding pictures, some exciting events I've attended and update you with my latest obsession.

So, yes. Daphne is back riding high with her white horny horse and we are going to tell you a story.

How good it is to be loved by you!


  1. Oooo, was that you in Velvet last Saturday? Sorry to sound corny, but you look so hot that NASA should have re-classified you as the nearest Star to Earth.

  2. Hi Pon!
    Glad your blog is open again(yay) and congrats on your marriage, many happy returns!
    Know how you feel about the photo-grabbing and twisting of stories, there are pathetic ppl out there.
    Keep blogging and us entertained with your musings!
    Jocky ( remember moi?)

  3. so now i know what happened, wondered why i can't access your blog, especially when told only "selected peeps" may enter i.e by invitation...thought that you suddenly went "eksyen" since getting married and all...just have this to say to you and mas..tho it hurts but you can't live your life as dictate by "forget bout it" and rock happy to be able to read your mutterings on life again..

  4. Nuff said..those who published the pictures form yr blog are stupid, pathetic f***ers who don't understand others private boundaries..'nak tgk, tgk je la yg kau pi jaja kat org tu apesal!'..(sorry daph, overreact..)..By the way, im really happy that u decided to reopen yr blog..

  5. hi daphne...where can i view ur wedding pix? i want to see it..anyway, congrats ya for ur wedd and baby...although it's been quite a while..but then, still can kan?! ekekke :)