Sunday, March 25, 2007

Los Angeles Day II

Our second day. Unfortunately, couldn't take much pictures cause we were working- and most sadly, we were not allowed to.

Mas posing near Paramount's oscars!

Below is chubby cheeks Dappers with her chubby cheek friends!

Mastura and I waiting in (VIP) ehem! line for the Jimmy Kimmel show.

I've noticed that
1) the studio has top notch security
2) If you aren't white nor black, you are a kung-fu swinging chinese/japanese/korean ("they all have slanted eyes anyway") man or a mamasan/geisha
3) you should always take a sweater with you even during spring break!

Leaving to KL soon. Can't wait!


  1. pic of Ms Thai Universe 07, Ms Farung Yuthithum in The Star today really look like you. at 1st i tot it ws u, entering some pageant in LA haha.

  2. Hi Daphne,

    Glad that you are back. Was kinda disappointed when you blocked it.

    Anyway, here's a software where you can upload your pics. And people can't right click and save it. Cause it's in Flash. It's easy to use and also able to load many photos at one time. You can even add comments to each pic. The good thing is that it's free! And you won't have to worry about people stealing your pics anymore!

    The only bad thing is that the viewer will have to have Flash Player... which can be downloaded for free.

    You can get it at

    A sample of how it would look like can be seen here.,%20Thailand/vincechiangkhamgallery.html

    Sorry to put in so many links. Just wanna help.

  3. wow...ur so berry berry cute!



  4. Thank your for reopening the blog. :) Also, congratulations on your wedding.

  5. orgy when ah ? never invote us oso.. and summore never cook makan for us oso...