Sunday, December 10, 2006

A spell for Insecurity

Lips of an Angel - Hinder Playing now
Tonight is our last night at Adelaide and tomorrow we head to Perth - our last state before we head back home where the dogs are waiting for mommy, bills need to be paid, a wedding to plan and bangsar nasi lemak (sambal power!) to be eaten.
We went surfing (again) this morning and I think Paulie would be happy to know he has a new surfer friend! I even know how to wax my board with that funny looking comb I found in my board shorts! (bless Mas for thinking that it was a hair comb!)
I also found some interesting new age stuff - an insanely beautiful tarot card holder, pieces of opals put in this rainbow coloured jar, 2 tiny jade stones to massage a weary body and...a book of spells!

I have not gone (white) witchey here!
Its an eccentric notebook made of besi that says SPELLS on the cover; and it has been my lifesaver when I need to pen down my thoughts now that my lappy toppy is not at my disposal.
Its nice to meet you SPELL-O
You've been an amazing help when the fear of insecurity settled in at the most ironic time
And when the lappy toppy is not around, its awfully nice going all traditional; writing instead of typing, scribbling instead of surfing.
I prefer courting than dating
I prefer the magic kiss on a ride home in a cab after an unexpected meeting
I prefer knowing you from the start, with ink and paper to sow the seeds of love
Its nice to have met you and although its ironic that I'm blogging about my magick spell (note)book; I know freyja6 and Spell-O will find a nice way being in my life- complementing my life in many ways than 1.
Pix of Spell-O to be featured soon.
6 more days!


  1. pon.. u goin back home between xmas and new year?

  2. SPELLS = Buku untuk belajar menulis ejaran-ejaran yang sukar.

    Sorry. Couldn't help it. It seemed so obvious the first time I saw it.