Saturday, December 23, 2006

the price of being beautiful

Mas presented an award yesterday for Anugerah Skrin; and even though I was not there to see the telecast, I know she stood out amongst (most of) the botoxed, collagened and perkified tits galore celebrities, who were there to present random awards to our local artists and entertainment industry shakers.

As soon as I get pictures of her in that beautiful dress, designed by Von Jolly (Raymond V Jolly), I will post her 'before and after' pictures, but trust me. She is beautiful. With or without makeup and that fantastic dress!

When Mas got the call that she was to present an award with two notably well known Malaysian actresses, she smsed me in all nervousness.

"Great! I'm going to look like the mike for these beauties!"

I smsed back saying she was being silly-- but no matter what I said to her, she believed wholeheartedly that her career was going to go down the drain. She even had the article of our local dailies write-up in her head (as her pyscho brain conjured)!

"Penyanyi tinggi lampai yang baru bercerai dan kawan baiknya- pelakon wanita yang mungkin dipengaruhi susuk - meragut anugerah "pasangan wanita bangat cantik dan menawan" di 'post party' yang diadakan selepas anugerah skrin. Mereka berdua antara yang dipilih untuk menyampaikan anugerah dalam Anugerah Skrin 2006 semalam. Mereka juga ditemani oleh seorang yang kurus ,ramping - ombakan bisikan kedengaran dikalangan artis-artis Malaysia dan Indonesia , apatah lagi mereka yang menghadiri event semalam apabila namanya, RajaEndonMastura disebut. Siapakah dia? Mengapa dia dipilih untuk menyampaikan anugerah bersama pasangan kawan baik yang jelita dan terkenal itu?"*

*I made this up Mas. See how silly you sound when you read it on my blog?

Anyway, I smsed some people to see how the event went last night and all I got were "Mas looked stunning!" smses (with occasional, "Naz did well" -My best-straight-boyfriend Nazzie Boy was selected as co-host for this big event; and he too was slightly in surreal delight with the opportunity)

Mastura is a natural beauty. She is not only a beautiful person outside, but one character who is an epitome of extreme loyalty, kind and trustworthy; gorgeous, down to earth and one of the very few, whom I can rely on for honest feedback and a shoulder to cry on. I am proud to have her as a close friend -- and many of her friends would second my notion.

A quiet, poised lady - who laughs at my silly jokes and is my diving buddy, my horse-riding partner and my trusted lady driver when my car gets sent back and forth to the workshop -- she needs no botox, collagen or extra oomph in her chest (nope..not even a la senza wonderbra is needed!) -- but most importantly, she needs no lessons in being the lovely persona she is -- cause her beauty is priceless.

I wish her happiness and hope she will find a man deserving for her love and affection. To that lucky, lucky man-- be kind to her. Or else...


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  2. I was there that night. The management liked the 3 of them the best among all the presenters. It was spontaneous and really funny.

    I had to bloody sneak in because I forgot to bring my invitation card.

    You should have seen the huge number of transvestite fans waiting at the red carpet. They must have been really serious fans because they were their before the show started and they waited till the show ended hours later to take photos with the stars. One of them was waving at me and Chermaine as we walked by, Chermaine thought he was my friend, I thought he was her friend. Was only later I realized the dude just wanted an autograph.

    I wanted to take a photo with Chermaine on the stage and asked our in house photographer to take our picture and the next thing I knew all this other photographers came out of the woodworks to take our photos too and I was thinking, "dude, who the hell are you?".