Monday, December 18, 2006

Notes from a Friend

So, I am home.
What a lovely feeling.

Noel and Sheahnee came to pick the both of us up from the airport. I knew something was up when Noel called me on my OZ number -- but then again, I let it slide. THEN we found out, much to our sheer delight, the little surprise "welcome back/ Happy Belated b'day" party they (or rather Sheanzie) had planned a week ago. Thank you for loving us from near and far.

I am flooded with bills to pay, a house to run, a live show to get back in the momentum with and finally-- a wedding to organize! Poor Shen Yi aka TheWeddingPlanner. I betcha she did'nt see this much hassle coming from me!

As I plan my wedding, some are planning a proposal.

While some play with fire, some are hurting in the cinders of their burnt heart.

As I take in all that was said about how big (read:fat) I look and what I should wear, some long for food on the table and are content with the smelly rags they parade in, along the dusty roads or poverty and pain.

As I say goodbye to a past, someone else is remembering it.

Pictures of My Australian Adventure 2 will be out soon


  1. Welcome back. Saw you on tv this morning. But you are not as cheery lah. But perhaps its the jet lagged + wedding to plan + new wonderful news about the toll hike + ..okok I get it.

    p.s. Happy New Year!

  2. I also have a few proposals to plan for. Saw AKZ this afternoon, kena tembak. Back to square one.

    Someone send me an e-mail, I totally forgot I had to do another major proposal. stress!

    Oh yeah, someone came to see me today to propose to me over manggo juice. How wierd is that. I said I'll think about it.

    Anyway, salam. Welcum home.

  3. Welcome back.. can't wait to see the pics.. ;)

  4. Hey babe!!!!

    Welcome backs!!!!

    Miss your quirky posts so get to work :o


  5. Hello...

    still remember me? i've given u my "bantal busuk" before u went to usm..

    Feel free to visit my site..tata..

  6. Welcome home :)

    Merry Christmas! hehe.