Saturday, December 23, 2006

How sweet it is to be loved by you

Listening to Michael Buble- How sweet it is to be loved by you

I got myself a pair of new boots! Very malboro-ish according to Ryan. And the best thing about these boots is, you can wear them in humid 32 degrees Khatulistiwa Malaysia! Yee-ha!
And it doesn't look too 'Julia Roberts' in Pretty Woman (aka ComePhuckMeBoots). It has a lovely, rusty brown feel to it-- you can smell the leather and I'm very happy with the purchase!Hold on. Happy is an understatement. I'm ecstatic!

It was time to bid farewell to the black boots that have served me well during my cabaret days. Nigel and I chose the pair years back and the first time I wore them were for a new number I had to do - Anita Sarawak's "mari tuan tuan ..dengar ini la la la". I was also 'promoted' to be the lead chorus for Gloria's " I will survive".

For those who do not know- I started dancing in a group called Repertoire during my Uni days. Nigel spotted my friend Jessica and I while we were playing truant-playing pool in the afternoon -- and we stayed on in that new club till late. Magaritas were sold at RM1 during happy hours, and being a lousy drinker, that got me dancing till the sun don't shine! (say this with a texan slang)!

Anyway, he moved company and he brought me along with him. The previous owner of Babylon BoomBoom split up with her partner and she created Indigo Productions. I was then known during my Uni days as an Indigo dancer. I remember my first dance show in Singapore with this group. I was so intimidated by the 'bapoks' and bitchy gay male dancers who later, became my closest pals and critics while 'growing up' in Penang.

I remember Nigel Samson fussing over my nails, hair, wigs and makeup. Even though I looked pretty decent (*hot drag more like it!*), I was still feeling nervous. As soon as I slipped on the dancing boots for showtime, something inside me changed instantly. I felt a splurge of confidence overriding me. And it felt good!Needless to say, my first showtime was a hit. A natural high. The moment the spotlight hit (my boots) and drag-Daphne, the dance moves and miming came without hesitation!

That was many, many years back. Now I have a new pair that has done the same extraordinary effect on me.

Yesterday, Ryan and I (with my new ninewest boots) went to EG, a hot spot salon for expats living in Ningbo. The place was classy (being in Ningbo and all =P) and packed! Christmas around the corner. Well, we went to the reception and told the lady what I wanted to do. I needed a colour change and a trim (aussie weather bad, bad, BAD for me hair!) and was looking into some other stuff -- and slowly, we started creating quite a crowd. At first I thought they were curious to see a 'not so cina looking lady' getting her translation from a 'very cina chinaman'. All I understood from their conversation was 'lao po' which brought a heart-pumping smile as he mentioned the realm of my near-future marital status.

I was brought to a private counter for consultation and more curious stares came. Everyone wanted to touch my hair-- to offer something-- to listen to my gibberish talk with Ryan. At first, I thought that it was a norm, but I noticed at least 8 other customers who came, some regulars but mostly walk-ins who didn't get the undivided attention as yours truly. Of course I felt flattered, but mostly curious to why they behaved the way they did.

I got the top gun to do my hair and his assistant was a devoted chap who tried talking to me in English- but gave up when I gave him just polite smiles -- shaking my head saying "wo bu hui..."
To say the least, I felt like a star getting pampered. Really pampered. I remember during the final few touches , the crowd in that tiny private became ridiculously suffocating. Ryan chuckled in amusement as I asked him in Malay, "are they always so super nice and curious?Dont' they have other clients to attend?". He said "you make them laugh baby". I make them laugh? But I didn't say anything! I shot him a deadly look. You mean I look strange to them? " No baby. They seem to be fond of you. Maybe its your boots?" ha ha ha!

Yeah. Perhaps so.

With my new hairdo ( love the colour btw! Spanking red head now!), we walked out and I promised Alex, my creative hairdresser that I will be back.

Later that night, Ryan took me to his fave jazz bar. A small little pub that had a Philipino live band. As we were walking to this bar, Ryan told me not to expect too much of the place. He told me that at times, the owner, Sam, would sometimes sing a song or two. I asked Ryan, maybe these boots does wonders. If they can play Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive" -- I want to sing on stage. "Do you think that's possible babe?" He nodded and said, Impossible is Nothing *Sorry adidas*.

I skipped gaily under the stars, walking hand in hand with this gentle giant of mine and prodded as the chilly air hit my face.

Just before I could say "far again?", I heard faint singing. I stopped. I literally halted which shocked Ryan.

"what's wrong?"

"Do you hear that? Its a sign! Its a sign!I'm meant to sing tonight!"*jumping up and down*

*I should of changed that stupid lock.. I should of changed that stupid key...*

"Baby..THAT's the jazz band singing. The bar is just 2 doors away!"

I dragged him to the bar and already my body was dancing in excitement. The song ended as we arrived.

Ryan introduced me to the owner and I mustered enough discipline to stop I wanted to just dance!

We ordered a bottle of Rose Moet&Chandon and sat down near the band. Not even in 30 seconds, I was already dancing. I coaxed Ryan to dance with me and finally he stood up (after many "I want to drink first..please don't make me dance yet...I don't normally dance know I hate dancing...I'm not a good dancer... we can do WHATEVER you want tomorrow...just don't make me dance!") One (dagger) look at him, and he started dancing right away with me. Hesitantly, but at least I had a partner to dance with.

The waiter came to serve our Champers. The singer acknowledged "the newcomers" to which I replied a big "Yee-ha" to her and the crowd. The manager of the bar popped in to whisper something to Ryan (to which Ryan told me later -- he thinks you're very mei)


Soon after, we received complimentary snacks.

And 5 minutes later, a fruit basket, again. Complimentary from the management.

" sure come here a lot to get this attention?" I quizzed my other half playfully

"No...I NEVER get peanuts and fruits when I'm here alone"


"you la..always causing a stir whereever we go"

we both said in unison.

"Must be the boots!"

* more laughter*

I have to admit, it was a lovely night. We danced to almost every song. And it was nice getting the VIP treatment.

Even Ryan said "hey...I'm getting good at this!"

(I taught him to salsa, jive and cha-cha)

The night ended with an explosive clap and more friendly faces, smiles and more people coming up to us.

Have you ever had something magical, an earring, a pair of shoes, a good pair of jeans that made you feel so beautiful?

I had my new boots and the secret knowing that Nigel was with us shaking his bootie with us last night.

Or perhaps its just this magical thing called love that eloped our aura-- attracting attention like bees to honey?

Whatever it is, how sweet it is to be loved by you.


  1. babe, reading this post made me smile. not at you but with you :)

    it doesn't matter whether you're in KL, Australia or China, reckon that wherever you go, you'll bring a smile to people's face with your bubbly and 'gila' personality (not to mention drop-dead gorgeous looks!).

    here's wishing you and your lou kung a very merry christmas :D have a good one!

  2. hey estrella brillante....

    Let Love Lead The Way

    What makes this world go round
    Will the answer let her down
    She is so sweet and young
    And her life has just begun
    What does her future hold that's the story left unknown
    Will she make it through her days, let our love lead the way
    Part of me laughs
    Part of me cries
    Part of me wants to question why
    Why is there joy
    And why is there pain
    Why is there sunshine and the rain
    One day you're here
    Next you are gone

    No matter what we must go on
    Just keep the faith
    And let love lead the way
    Everthing will work out fine
    If you let love lead the way
    Sitting there all alone
    In the window of her room
    Watching the world go by
    Brings tears to her eyes
    All she sees is hurt and pain, she wants to break the chain
    She'll keep pressing everyday and she'll find her own sweet way

    You can be all that and still can be who you are
    You gotta know for sure that it isn't make believe
    You may feel weak but you are strong
    Don't you give up if
    If you keep holding on, you'll never be wrong
    Just close your eyes cause it lies deep in your heart
    Let love lead the way...;)