Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You will love every piece of Victoria!


It was previously known as the melting pot of Australia because of the many different cultures living, working and breathing in this state of Victoria. I have to say, this could possibly be the best state I have visited so far in the land down under.

Taking a 2 hour break from shoot to catch up on some emails and to peel the dry skin off my shoulders -- I know..I know...disgusting habit but the damn body scrub is not playing its role in 'leaving your skin soft and smooth like satin'.


Anyway, I was going through the pictures in my cam, and I am quite excited to show you peeps the places we visited and to share the experience pictoral-ly. I have decided to set up another link just for My Australian Adventures Season2. (To spare my blog from being a traveblog) But this will have to wait till I reach good ole Malaysia!

Yes, true to Victoria's tourism tagline, you will love every piece of Victoria.
I know I am.

Speaking of which, I asked the other half what he thought about growing old with me

I sang the song "when I'm 64" by The Beatles to him.
His answer:
I will love every piece of you DaphneIking.

"with my back peeling from too much frolicking under the sun?"

Every piece of you, in smoothness or in dryness

I decided to test him further

"If we didn't have sex, my boobs were heading South pole and my mouth smells bad from eating way too much petai?"

Every piece of you, smelly, sexless or southful.


"what found me eating chocolates in your new sports car and I spilt macademia chocolate gelato on your white leather seats?"
"what if I don't want to have children?"
"what if I ask you to stop eating pork? Stop smoking...turn vegetarian with me?"

You turning boho on me is it?


Loving me is still possible.

But loving doesn't mean you have to change completely.

Nor does giving in, makes you less of a man.

"what if I decide to move to Melbourne?"

ahh..THAT. We can work on.


  1. I'm touched by this entry.. don't know why but it kinda hit the soft spot.. hmmm.. If only my wife knew just how much I love her.. :)

  2. Asked him, what if you wanted to see other women... is he okay with a 3some? Woohoo!

  3. Australia is nice but we in Malaysia misses you much. Remember your doggies too. I miss you and have a safe trip.

  4. I want to go Sydney.........!
    next year!

  5. awwww....shoooo shweet :D

    somehow, i can imagine you being a boho...for like 10 minutes or so. then you'll turn back into wacky daphne ;p

  6. Hey pon!! Ivy here lah..You still in Melbourne? Have time to catch up? I'm living in Port Melbourne rigth now..

  7. Hey pon!! Ivy here lah..You still in Melbourne? Have time to catch up? I'm living in Port Melbourne rigth now..

  8. Hey Daphne

    Glad you like Melbourne. I was there 3 years ago and loved it.

    I can definitely see you living there- it's sophisticated, cosmopolitan, multicultural and arty.

    Bloody freezing in the winter though!

    Have fun!

  9. wakekeke,.....words spread and at last i found your blog. John