Friday, November 3, 2006

Who wants to help me with my spring cleaning?

I need to spring clean.
Whoever is free and does not mind some nitty gritty house work, you are most welcome to assist me in my quest to be Bree.

containers, sponges and tubes galore,
amidst the dust and make up whore,
shall thee lie still - no fret, no feign,
my feather duster will serves its slain,
of justice to all breed of gels and creams,
or lipstick, foundation.. Oh what a team!
that makes her look a blushful better,
with tint of colour for lips sees wetter,
but where do i begin or start?
a mess it is, be still my heart,
oh bother! lets have some warm honey lime,
and leave this mess for another time!


  1. daphney => bree?

    can't really imagine you to be like the serious, uptight control freak Bree!

    BTW, good luck with the spring cleaning! i have the same problem with my desk in my bedroom BUT instead of make up, my mess is my 2,3 previous semesters notes!

    (p/s: burning the midnite's oil doin skool works! d@mn!)

  2. Wah, quite a mess there...speaking of spring cleaning, I just cleaned up a sizeable part of my room but took me a whole 3 days to do it. A whole 3 days to clean up space that has been accumulating junk for the past 6 years! Luckily no stagnant water, otherwise got jentik-jentik and breeding mossies already. The curtains were so dirty, the moment I washed them, they ripped and tore apart! ***sigh*** messy room...isn't that a hallmark of creative people...?

    Daphne, was that you I saw at Pluck @ Bangsar Actor's Studio last night? It's hard to tell with all that make-up in the dark...

    My friend said you looked and smiled at me. Didn't notice. Didn't know it was you. It's hard to tell with all that make-up in the dark...

  3. just BURN it ,yeah let me reiterate myself,BURN it!poeitic justice indeed.

    what happened to all that therapeutic cleaning schmagoosh that u went through just before the trip to LION's DEN?is it just all taiks and no action here?

    anyway i'm give u free consultation on the WORKS

  4. hahahah just like my lil' sis! kinda good place for mice to live!
    anyway, the first thangs u need is a big big trashcan ;p

  5. hi daphney..what a mess!! hahaha good luck though..but cleaning is also a way of theraphy (that's what they said),dun worry!! my room also damn messy...i have a lots of paper that have to go through..(exam is coming)

    ..enjoy!!..but really can't help u gotong-royong.

  6. what the f*ck... look at that mess. Eh, better clean up before you leave the country.

    Call, me I need to confirm a shooting date when you get back.

  7. i heard joyce can clean... haha!

  8. i feel better about my desk now.

  9. helloo saw your blog site on Off The Edge.

    I wouldnt mind gotong-royonging.

  10. gasp! read your email! does this mean you won't be blogging for a month?!!? hehehe...yes, yes. that's my blogging-addict side talking.

    have fun in ozland (even though its' for blardee work ;p)

    take care of yourself babe. ciao.

  11. Look at that oh what a mess
    There is much to do i must confess
    Have no fear, no doubt, no qualms
    For I am here with open arms
    Domestic God of the Asia Pacific
    But I work for money to be specific ;)
    I accept cash, cheque or credit card,
    I turn cleaning into an art
    So, would you like to hire me?
    And help you on your quest to be Bree? :P