Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Suspicious minds

We went for a boat ride today. Hold on. Let me rephrase that. We went for a JET boat ride today on Huon (Hu-en..its French) River.
Being someone with phobias and allergies enough to put Wacko-Wussy-Willy to shame, I was not too game for a ride that promised "exhilarating, spinning outrageous fun"
*I know...that's the cancerian in me. Tough on the shell, mushy inside*
But, (being the un-AnitaSarawak presenter chosen specifically for this program), I braved the cold, tightened my adidas cap, added more chapstick, took a sip of water and stepped inside the jetboat.
No doubt, the river is calmer than the sea, but I double checked my lifebouy jacket anyway and said my Hail Mary.
And Jack the grizzly-beard boatman began his ride.
*Malcolm in the middle moment*
Daphne the Indiana Jonie.
Binoculars and my SLR strapped on my neck.
The sounds of pelicans and seagulls amidst the quiet harmony of crickets and gushing water-- creating a serene, almost pristine adventure epilogue for my Malaysian (femminate) version of IJ.
*Unlock Malcolm in the middle moment*
I wake up to cold, chilly winds hitting my face.
I tighten my adidas cap and hold the railing even tighter till my knuckles turned white.
Then Jack shows a signal which seems to excite the living hell of my 2 other co-hosts...
and before I could figure out what on earth was happening
The fast (jet)boat halted, spun 360degrees leaving me speechless and unable to move.
(vomit in my throat)
Fish-a-lingam I had to telan it cause the other 2 were going,

I was 3 or 4 years old.
Michelle-Ann, Boboy and I were playing on the roundabout thingy at the park. I felt sick to the stomach so I asked them to stop and to let me down.
Boboy (who is younger) started making fun of me.
Michelle-Ann (the eldest)
Oh..grow up Pon...this is its faster if we're ALL on it....(trust the nerdiest one of us lot to put Physics during our playtime at the tender age of 5)
So, the tears were held in and I continued playing with them till I toppled over and fainted.
.Unlock Flashback.
So I "woo-hooed" with them and funnily enough, I managed to put on a sincere smile for the cameras.
It either mind over matter, or someone who loves me very, very much put some special protection dust on me this afternoon
I suspect its the latter and this makes me smile even more so


  1. hahaaahahaha! glad to hear that you're hanging on in there and having (a bit of) fun :) yes, i too think you constantly have that 'protection dust' around you ;p

    signing off,
    rolling around in daisies (sounds familiar? ;p)

  2. Really love reading your kabar berita from Down Under.. Always cracks me up! Great promo for the show too ;)

  3. braved through it! Yeeha! :)