Thursday, November 23, 2006

Questions in my mind

We left cold Hobart to go further up north to Freycinet -- still cold, but the sun shines more brightly. Took a breakfast stop at this wonderful fruit farm (Sorell Fruit Farm) where we picked berries (BERRILICIOUS!) and had some light, fluffy (delicious) pancakes and muffins to fill us up before proceeding with our 3 plus hour drive up.

I have to admit, the sudden change of temperature and the windy roads did nothing for my berry full (pun intended) stomach; so I sat quietly as the others snoo-ed away to lala land; and that's when my mind started rethinking of the sudden changes in my life.
You see, in less than 3 months, I am to wed a man who lives thousands of miles away from me.
He loves me.
He adores me.
For better or for worst, in sickness and in health, I would vow to stay true to him as his lawful, wedded wife.
I have to admit, it gave me a slight shudder knowing that possible changes would take place once I say 'I do'
And my mind started racing.
Questions in my mind.
Someone asked me this, sometime back, "are you sure its him? can you see yourself waking up to this man every single day of your life?till death do you part?"
So ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; my advice is, don't rush into things. Take a step back and breathe a little, take a sip of water (ok...its more than just that) before making a decision-- especially one that you cannot, simply CANNOT turn your back against once the decision has been made.
And THAT is why, premarital courses come in handy-- you will know if you are ready, or if you are not.
Someone told me to follow my heart.
I told him; its ultimately the head that controls the body.
And my head tells me....


  1. A wise sensei once said..
    "Sometimes neither the heart nor the mind is in control".. that's why when that part of the body doesn't allow you to 'throw big water', you feel like you're dying! :D

  2. Alah lagi kamu pikir, apa apa pun tak boleh buat.

  3. the best union is of two souls totaly at peace n complete with themselves and yet find nourishment from the relationship.

    not base on NEED,as in if somebody needs u it renders u important and gives meaning and significance to your life

  4. Don’t think one can ever rationalise things that have to do with emotions...if he's the one, you’ll know it.

  5. Awww... :) I'm happy for you.

    I wonder when it'll be my turn. :)

  6. Trust your gut feeling..When u feel that he is the guy for u, than by golly he probably is.
    p/s: since ur having malcom in the middle moments just imagine that, well, ur Lois and ur fiancee is Hal-even they made it! (No pun intended) :)

  7. Hey Daphne... I have been reading your blog lately and just want to say that you make us Sabahans proud.

    Anyways, my dad once advised me "Pee when you HAVE to and Fuck when you WANT to..." Basically, marriage is a something that you must WANT to and not otherwise...

    I understand that you have loved and lost 3 times already but hey, it's better to have lost them when they're not the right one, no?

    I'm sure deep in your heart, you know the right thing to do... But make sure, whatever your decisions may be, they are guided by what your heart and your mind tells you...

    Good luck!

  8. Hey, they got Norzie to MC the PNB World Investment Challenge dinner this weekend. Pak Lah's going to attend. No recording of the event.

    I can't believe it's been more than year already. See, times fly. Remember those people we met there? Banyak sejarah di sana ya?

  9. I think your boy loves you lar, not as that Daphne on TV but the real you (I salute him! Berani!). 50 years from now when both of you have lost your sex appeal and desires, all that's left is your wringkled body. Can you live with each other? For better or for worst, in sickness and in health.

  10. If we can only build ourselves a human like robot to be our couple. The we can program the ba-gger to be the perfect mate. Can one.

  11. sooooo sweeeetttt!

    daphne, whoa! even with your slight insecurities, you already know deep down inside that he's the one.

    here's a salute with a glass of wine across the deep blue seas ;)

    p/s - heard of the sinsua's before. KK is really THAT small eh? ;p

  12. exactly my humble sentiment Luxen.i'm not validating the stuff in 'Tuesday with Morrie'.But if u fastforward your life to your deathbed[heaven forbid] and reminisce your past conduct suddenly things become CLEAR cause EGO is at the lowest ebb.

  13. i'm sure u KNOW he's the ONE. u're just pensive right now kan? :)

    anyway, i said 'yes' to my then bf at the tender dating period of 2 mths (was frens with him for 3 mths prior). i trusted my gut instincts, and hey we're happily married now for 9 mths - with 2 cats! haha

    sometimes, u dont really have to take a step back and contemplate that much. ur instincts can tell a lot..

    have fun preparing for the wedding! it'll be hell sometimes, but it's all worth it.