Monday, November 20, 2006

Naz's jewels have been frozen!

We are at our 3rd state in Australia. Welcome to the land where Cadbury is from!
The temperature is less than 15 degrees this morning. The sun is shining faintly, but its still criking cold.
She sits and types at Rydges Resort; bundled up like a mummified toaster,
the weather is cold at Hobart town;she tightens her scarf ; now a mummified monster,
She came here to email someone very dear; but ended up blogging as well,
in moments like these, she wished he was here; but realized that was not too swell.
You see the weather is (bloody) cold here at Hobart town, not warm nor hot nor sunny,
an ugly sight she thinks with her pasty dry skin, hair in a mess and nose all runny,
So she sits all alone, embracing the weather missing that very special one,
I love you, I miss you, I need you, I want you...Now go! And have some wicked fun!
*Psst! Its so cold. NazzieBoy claims his balls have gone north*


  1. OMG daph..

    You just cracks me up!!!
    Hold on there and don't forget to slap on some chapstick!

  2. They are now showing that show u did with Naz where you guys give grades on these modified cars. I think it was for Shell or some petrol co.

  3. hi daphne..been following ur blog 4awhile. think ur funny and sweet and amazingly honest and so down-to-earth!i mean, 4 somebody who's like on tv and stuff.well uknow, sometimes cant help but dissociate tv from reality and that the people on it are like from another world or sth. and course that's just crazy but o well..i digress. i'm basically giving you a compliment lah, so you're welcome..hee. keep your chin up (no use telling nazzie to keep his balls in).
    -been in icy cold winter canada-gotta luv msia's warmth dontcha?