Tuesday, November 14, 2006

girls just wanna have fun

Someone emailed me this picture and since I have a bit of time tonight after dinner ( I hate fushion Asian food. Its just...WRONG!), thought I'd put some colour to my blog by posting this picture. That's Sheanz on my left (or my right on the picture), Dynas on my right (left), Mastura and Looi.

Girls just wanna have fun.

Today, I spent my "day off" recuperating at the Recreation Club. I felt much better after Aerin's pills took effect. Proceeded (painfully) with 100 tummy crunches at the gym. Had a mani/pedi, half leg wax and a facial right after, and Anna, my therapist, was so so sweet, she gave me a free 30min back massage! (she said her massage does wonders for fever..and she was right!)

As I laid on the massage bed (they can do your pedi even when you are lying down! YES, even while bathing/soaking your feet!!), I couldn't help feeling slightly guilty with the amount I was going to have to spend for this pampering experience up in the mountains. The facial alone (and they don't do extraction..) costs me A$110 for a 45 minute session. I told myself not to 'forex' the things I buy, but I couldn't help it. I believe the exchange rate is 2.8 now. My mani & pedi costs me A$145! Thats more than RM300++ !

Sigh...but then I remembered the bruises on my legs...( I just 'found' another one on my ankle), the way too early calltime and the numerous activities we have to do (like going on the twin terror ride.....With a (super) happy face saying "YOU MUST try this ride...it was awesome!!! When in honest to goodness you want to say: "Fucking shit...I hate thrill rides...I fucking wanna puke .... WHY oh WHY...am I hosting this programme again???" ha ha ha...). I felt better and enjoyed Anna's hands (sensuously) dismissing my stress and pain, making me feel less 'comot' and grimy.

So, yeah... my credit card was used for the third time.

Girls just wanna have fun. Or at least get pampered. I have 5 1/2 more states to go... was tempted to shop at the hotel shop (they have some nice smelling lipbalm), but then the logic side of me decided against it (good girl...)

I miss my Bangsar nasi lemak and I miss the love(s)ofmylife.

I miss my kerang bakar and I miss sitting at my study, listening to my brother on the guitar singing off-key

I miss driving (oh...I crashed my volvo 2 days before I left to OZ)...its a miracle I survived. But that's another entry.

I miss home. I wanna go home.
Michael buble.

I miss paying less for my pampering sessions.

31 more days. And counting.


  1. not much for words..but been reading your blogs and have to say it was a very pleasant reading..

  2. err I would suggest you get that cheapo but fun game Tetris.

    Plus, Kenari is such a good and economic car for the city. Get auto tau.

  3. Sounds like so much fun. If you're enjoying it, money well-spent it guess. :P Enjoy your stay!

  4. daph!! Looi is a long lost schoolmate of mine lar...been wondering what she's up to with a couple of friends. where'd you meet her?

  5. OMG!! 31 more days?!?! Wah lao eh! Damn long right?

    The thrill ride bit made me LOL! Heheheh...when the show comes out and everyone sees that bit where you get all excited about the ride, your blog readers will go, "Bullshit".

    It's ok to indulge bah, you've been working hard enough (heheeh...helping you to justify la bah kununnnn ;p)

    Take care of yourself woman! Ndak habis-habis laa fever ko ni :p

  6. erk.. hope your second baby (ur car laaa) is alright.. judging from the roller coaster and all you seem to be fine... Take care ohhhh

  7. here I sit broken hearted,
    tried to shit,
    but only farted

    A haiku for you to remember the next time you're sitting in the loo. It's quite a famous grafitti.

  8. Damn. Then i should be going on the rides instead of you then!!!

  9. what happens when you muntah while on the ride? do the people sitting behind you complain? can they smell it?


    have fun pon.

  10. hi dapny..
    funny but pity u too!! but that's what u good for(i mean d host thingy) anyway tahan ja la bah!! tia juga lama tu 31 hari!!enjoy..(dunno how to enjoy in dat kind of situation)...