Monday, November 13, 2006

Di negeri orang lain nun jauh ke bawah

Its been almost a week since I breathed in KL air... and dear Lord, despite its not so healthy index, I still miss home!

(A)erin,Nazzie and I are taking a day off tomorrow and I am (gleefully) welcoming the break cause we have been on shoot since we landed!

Leya has left us to do her thang with HotFM and (a)erin has joined us tonight for 2 states - Sydney and Tasmania.

I am toasted, fried and burnt, but still smiling despite having mysterious bruises on my leg, indigestion, bloated, another set of eyelashes burnt (- please don't ask!), and HEAVY shopping baggage a bit too much, way too soon!

Just a quick note to tell you that I am safe. A bit rounder in the pouch and browner on the skin (YAY!), but happy and positively enthusiastic despite missing the comfort of my study- blogging and playing with my pups - the loves of my life in PJ.

Speaking of which, Boboy smsed me two nights ago and said that China is quite a "mama"... allowing the younger ones (Afro & Brazil) to eat their food first, making sure they don't eat too fast (or they will choke) and THEN eating her own breakfast/dinner. I went to the night market on Surfers Paradise and made them each a dog tag. Can't wait to tag them! Different colours for each pup!

Ok, the laxatives that (a)erin gave me is taking its toll. Shmuckarooey. Didn't expect the pain to be as such....

*And trust me; I have tried all methods- betik, milk, even took a puff but nothing could help! So, finally opted for medical science to help and dang! Not good. AT ALL!

I have cramps, cramps gnawing near my pants, in the business centre of Pep....pers!
On another (quick) note, Leya found this music shop called DIRTCHEAP and I managed to get some really awesome cds for a really good price!
Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Some really good Jazz music (Chet Baker, Miles Davis etc), A-Ha ( I know....I know...remember the "take on me" video? Always pretended I was the girl in the video....THEN la...not now...geezzz), Motown Classic ("people say I'm the life of a party cause..i tell a joke or two..), The Monkees (friggin awesome), Meridith B (Bitch!), Alanis Morrisette (compilation....and isn't it ironic?), James Morrison (cause I love his songs! plus he's so young!), an 80's compilation (What a feeling....), Full Monty Soundtrack, Robbie Williams and a few more that I can't so proud..some were as cheap as A$1!
Will keep you posted once in awhile. Pix of course to be posted once I return home to local soil.
Till then, chin up people....I am! =)


  1. good to hear that you're alive and well! on the other hand, i have a very strong feeling you will go over the baggage quota pretty soon. but fret not, you can always take naz's quota too! hehehe...take care

  2. Good to finally hear (read) from you.. Ingatkan dah kena kidnapped by a bunch of kangaroos or something.. :)

  3. good to hear from you Daphne..:)

    do take care of yourself okay...

  4. Hey daph..

    Good to see ya in Mt Kiara tat day :) Your eyelashes too long tats why it got burnt I guess ha ha.
    Ey congrats to *ahem*... When izit? I was @Mui's open hse and tot of seeing u thr. Good food tho'


  5. Hello there peeps!!!

    AC: DirtCheap is a music shop found at Surfers can find all these ole skool cds for friggin cheap (hence DirtCheap) aussie dollars!

    Ayam: Naz is a mangkuk and shops more than there goes our quota!

    Pinkity: U were in KK!!! Can't wait for Xmas

    Juicy: Lovely meeting you too!! my eyelashes will grow fret. the other side did....

    Nana/Sensei: Rather blog at least I can download pix for all to see...sniff!