Saturday, November 25, 2006

11 minutes

And we are not talking about Paulo's book.
I have minutes left on my Internet Access-- and half an hour before boarding the plane to Melbourne. AlvinWong will join us there and we bid goodbye to Aerin who leaves to Malaysia with our 28kilos of Cadbury chocs. (bless you erin!)
Since I have 8 minutes to spare, thought I'd update you peeps on our whereabouts.
As mentioned, Melbourne is our next stop.
Speaking of stop, I had the most interesting sms-conversation with my childhood bestfriend Claire Sinsua last night.
If only I could stop time to revive the good times we had when we were young.
Claire now resides in Brisbane, and unfortunately, we were not able to meet up on my trip there as time was a constraint. Nevertheless, as how most good friendships are, we still keep in touch and our conversations remain untainted by time, situations and distance.
We were like siamese twins and we were once upon a time, banned from seeing each other due to the little mishaps we use to create when we were together.
Last night, we relived (thru our smses) the memories of the guys we used to fancy, the clothes we wore (I never wore green eyeshadow with my red dress Claire....thank you very much!), and the numerous pranks we played on our unfortunate victims.
I remember her huge dog and sneaking out for parties with her
I remember her bringing me banana fritters when I "fell of the banana tree" and had blue & black brusies all over my legs
We are both in different countries (well...not really for me RIGHT now), live separate lives but together in spirit as we were years back.
She gave me some solid advice on my latest predicament.
She is right, the ghost of your parents past does haunt you in the most unpredicatable way.
She is praying for me as I type this like I do when I close my eyes at night, knowing that could possibly be my last time on earth.
See you all in Melbourne!


  1. Hi Daphne. How have u been? This is Ann, don't think you'd remember me. It has been ages now. We were the representatives for ABTC when u were in uni and I was in college.If you have the time, we could catch up in Melbourne.:p

  2. she's such a sweet friend! it reminds me of my own situation with my primary/secondary school bestfriend,we now live in 2 continents,and i always laugh when i think about the time we spent together year, years back.
    have fun in melb.

  3. Have fun in melb darl...
    Shop! Shop! Shop! Aaaah... i miss the place :(
    Hop in the crown casino ;)