Monday, October 2, 2006

My First Chopper ride

On Saturday, I had the opportunity of going on a helicopter ride across KlangValley with the winner of Episode 3 (?) of this new reality show coming soon on 8tv! My feelings? Excited but nervous at the same time. You see...for someone who is adventurous with her sense of 'food intake' - I still have 2 fears-- Drowning & I am Gayat. (Ironic that I took scubadiving and why I rock climb, huh?).

Went to meet Joanna at Terminal 3 Subang and was hidden in her Lexus till the time was right for me to be 'revealed'. The airport looked bare and naked and almost pathetic. Can't believe this used to be the International airport for KL sometime back. I doze off in the car with the aircon running. Joanna clucked and nagged away when she saw me closing my eyes ... " WOMAN! You can DIE you know sleeping in a 'running- stationary car' !"
Christian on the left Hafidz on the right. Hafidz the hairdresser won the rock climbing task which allows him imunity, a 45 minute heli ride and dinner at LunaBar soon after. He was allowed to take one pal with him. He chose British lecturer Christian who also happens to be his room mate to accompany him. Christian couldn't join us cause the small sputter chopper could only accommodate 4 ppl. Pilot, Cameraman, Hafidz and of course, saya lor... Christian was fine with it at first, but when we landed, you could see the look of dismay on his face. I'm sorry Christian...sniff.

Now THIS is more like it!

After the initial fear disappeared, I relaxed and enjoyed the view.
We passed Parkville, circled KLCC twice and hovered over many beautiful homes around Ampang and Bangsar. Hafidz kept pointing out all the big bungalows with its swimming pools surrounded by gorgeous landscaping. I smiled back and thought of Ryan's recent chopper ride in HK.
"what was on your mind?"

Hafidz nudges me again and I smile at the camera.
"That's a lomo camera....fisheye right"
(which reminds me, where did I place my lomo?)

I point out LunaBar to him
"You're going there tonight cowboy"
He reminds me of Boboy in so many ways...his hair, his boyish charm. His enthusiam.

Finally, the trip was over.
Rushed off for herbal tea soon after.

There is always a first.
I never thought I would be daring enough to go on a heli ride. Planes are different. You sort of 'glide' up to the sky and its not so 'obvious' that you are thousands of feet above. But the chopper?
Well, its totally different.

I went on that ride knowing my fear and insecurities; I overcame the initial fear and enjoyed the moment. Would I do it again? Probably not...unless of course, someone special is riding with me...



  1. terminal 3 was for local flight,hence the pathetic nature.u have got to visit terminal 1 n 2 which was for international flights.the moment u step in,my god,it give u an aura of .....................'malaysia boleh'.i am ,come to think of it,pretty sad and emphatise with Subang airport as i felt it's MARGINALISED by KLIA.[geddit]

  2. as an afterthought,despite both Subang n KLIA being born and bred in good old malaysia.i'm sure Singapore international airport never had this marginalisation SAD indeed

  3. as an after afterthought,subang airport holds sentimental feelings of childhood dreams,it being a portal to the whole's like a backyard to my parent's home in PJ.its contribution to nation building is oppose to KLIA ,who is the numbskull that gave it the name?it's not even near KL for heaven's sake.Sepang International or Seremban international sounds more in tune

  4. i'm getting a case of Subang Addiction McDiction here.No prolong longing as such just kind of fast food sort of fly by ,flashback.not been there for donkey years but be good if it can be revitalised by allowing Air Asia to fly out n in.