Thursday, October 5, 2006

Miracle water = SK2

Perhaps my blog of late HAS been of lyrical basis. But I can't help it. When I'm in euphoria (or otherwise), I normally have a song that is hummed at the background. And lately, it's Nigel singing "I need a miracle...I need a miracle"

I remember dancing to that song. I can remember dancing to what I call the "Xixi moves". (Right leg cross hand up, shake shake, twirl snap, snap, cross cross, hands up, move move, repeat) Hated the song, but it was catchy enough to 'gelek' to. Just like those 'stupid' Ace Of Base songs...."I ...I've got a new can't hardly recognize me I'm so could a person like me fall for you.." (Groan. Or Timmy Thomas) =)


I know a miracle when I see one. And I know when one needs one.

They say the SKII Miracle water is now infected with harmful ingredients. All SKII stores in China has been closed. When Ryan told me this (while watching me do my skincare regime), I slowly removed the miracle water cotton pad off my face and swirled around. " wonder they put that huge ad in the papers the other day saying all SKII products are safe!"

Saying that out loud and knowing this didn't hinder my action of throwing away the miracle water anyway.
"The bottle is almost empty anyway"

I need a new miracle for myself. What could that be?

1 comment:

  1. this is encouraging,u have leapt from 'i will survive' to the hot seat of 'i need a miracle'.
    like your SK2 Miracle water is up to interpretation but nicely done.
    everyone needs one once a while.