Wednesday, November 1, 2006

The Men I Met

It's ColBy Pon. Not ToBy. Ha ha. And Max(i) goofing around!

Don't they look eeriely alike?
Thats Edmund and Tim.
Guess who's older?
Edmund was so accomodating. Tim is such a sweetheart-- he's always with the man below..

This is my on-screen daddy. Thuan Chye. He's still a looker I must say-- suave and charming at his age. Exchanged some very intersting stories with him on life, work and love. Not in random order.

That's Matt & Max(i) again with Kate's drink.
Matt...I wish you well with tall women. ;P

Ah...the pimp dad with his 2 hot escorts for the night! What a sight!

1 comment:

  1. my god popon! its me hussin la..

    I cant believe that u've been blogging for so looong oredi since feb eh? and only now I found out..

    cilaka punya totoyy never tell me...
    plus i had to find out from hot magazine lagi tu

    ciao bebs