Thursday, October 5, 2006

I need my shut eye

You only need a few late nights combined with early mornings to realize just why they call it 'beauty sleep'. Lack of shuteye usually means waking up with grey, pasty skin, lacklustre lips and short fuse.

That's because vital repair work goes on when we're asleep and as we pass through different stages, our skin gets replenished and our body's growth hormone is produced to help repair and regenerate our cells. Sleep also enables us to process the information we've accumulated in the day; without it, apparently, our brain simply doesn't function effectively. And *shock horror*, I also learnt that it can also cause us to put on weight since when we're tired, our willpower is weakened and we're more likely to skip exercise and reach for fatty, sugary or salty foods.


No wonder.

I am 28 but I still need my 7 to 8 hours of shuteye ---something I haven't been getting enough of in the past few weeks.

So if slumber is evading you, here are 10 ways to ensure a better night's sleep.

1. Stick to a regular time for both going to bed and waking up.
(I used to be in bed by 930pm and awake by 4am! -- now that I am 'on leave'...hmmmm)

2. Try earplugs

3. Try lavender. I've tried peppermint. Quite inducing.

4. Eat for a good night's sleep but avoid rich food at night and wait 2 hours after a heavy meal before going to bed

5. Keep your bedroom for sleeping (or sex for MARRIED COUPLES * Nanti I kena again pulak* )

6. Sleep in the right position - according to the Cina people, the best posisi is on your right hand side , in a foetal position, with your legs slightly apart and your right arm resting in front of the pillow (my fave posisi)

7.Keep your bed spartan

8. Keep out of the wind--basically, avoid food that makes you fart a lot! I'm serious.

9. Relax


11. To addicted bloggers. Yes YOU! Stop blogging...stop surfing the net....Now. Like now. Really. NOW!!
(see..addicted bloggers can't count)


  1. NOW is good.i'm glad that milk was marginalised from your list.orang cina,with rampant lactose intolerance,tends to fart a lot after milk.and orang cina's bed is not spartan due to excessive pillows.reason for the pillows-to be used as barrier to mold the body into best posisi for a full eight hours at least.according to Lilian Too posisi is everything,spartan is out[u don't make money out of being spartan,that is one advise i hope will not spread like wildfire]

  2. I can't imagine the position you described.

    Actually, I just woke up. I dozed of watching the TV at the office and the next thing I knew, I was drooling in the TV room.

  3. let me try to address/understand the rationale
    1]Circadian rhythm,so essential to avoid all the ugliness just do u emphatise with doctors and nurses???

    2]to keep out cockroaches?

    3]aromatherapy.ahhh lavender,cream of the crop.apparently the direct sellers have advocated lavender for a host of other problems and if i remember correctly,to perk up concentration.i guess they have dual mode of versatile!

    4]sure winner is down the food with loooooots of wine/alcohol.DO NOT,i repeat DO NOT use RIBENA.

    5]gray areas....pass

    6] n 7] please refer to Feng Shui for beginners

    8]i am serious too bout the milk thingy

    9] n 10] u don't count sheeps like all of us?u mean we have to chant the 'relax' mantra to sleep?

    11]what do u think of starting a Bloggers Anonymous chapter in malaysia for addicts?