whilst waiting....

Since the 2 ladies are still in the midst of getting madeup-- my guest appearance on their talkshow has been postponed an hour later (?). Ah....production.
The topic is 'Feminin tapi lasak' (Feminine but robust?)
Last night, I used my Diamond Club membership card to stay at the Hilton. I told myself that I should give myself a "a day alone to unwind and indulge" away from home without actually leaving 'home' at least once in 3 months. It was a refreshing night. Brought along my lappietoppy, gym clothes and my Archie comic. Also rented some dvd's (that eventually ended up watching me snooing) and had a long shower.
If I had more time, I would have gone downstairs for a much needed massage, but I had a dinner meeting where some serious discussion took place. Japanese fushion. Yum.
Somehow or another, the discussion sidetracked to the topic of weddings, marriage and kids. Exchanging life stories amongst ourselves made me realize that marriage is a real commitment. Many brides-to-be only dream of their wedding dress and the party and how handsome their groom looks in their penguin suit-- but they forget the key element why the wedding took place in the first place. A matrimonial celebration of the unity of husband & wife in the eyes of God and law.
Someone told me the other day that by next year, all couples who plan to get married, will have to go through a pre-marital course beforehand. I know the muslims have their kursus kahwin and the Christians have their Engagement Encounters prior to getting married. By next year, it will be compulsory for EVERYONE to go through the course. My personal view? I think it is vital for a couple to go through the course. It might be a bit ma fan but hey! Best that the mediator (normally the imam or uztaz or the pastor or priest will moderate the course) allow the couple to open up about future plans and issues they might have been 1) in denial to address 2) too embarrassed to speak up on 3) didn't know was important.
So whilst waiting, I decided to grab a book from Kino the other day. 1001 ways to... interesting. My course takes place next month. I hope we 'score high marks'! =)
Pastor Ang told us, that there have been cases where he had advised the couple to reconsider. Choy Ko lei si.
Speaking of choy... i've been wanting to eat Pak Choy for the longest time.....!!! My fave sayur! Fry with garlic or ikan masin. Yummy!!!
Ok...going to check if the ladies are done with makeup...gotta run over to adidas to get a few stuff with nazzie boy.