Thursday, September 28, 2006

tiong baru, singapore

Alan and Adeline
Been together for 6/9 months already

For those who are in Singapore, please head down to TIONG BARU and try my favourite dishes!
1. Crispy mee (there is a chinky name to it but can't remember it now) with Beef slices
2. Belacan chicken
3. Cha Kui with Prawn paste filling
4. Kailan garlic

It was great meeting up with Alan after such a long time. He introduced me to his other half, Adeline - and we hit it off right away. Besides the good food and excellant company, I managed to learn a few alarming things about Alan that I never knew or 'saw' before.

It must be love.

Of vibrators, tattoos, lesbianism, gay clubs, irony, gang fights and exes - learning that I still had a true friend in him, despite what had happened, was something I will cherish forever.

Thank you A & A.

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