Testing with one pix

At first I was afraid...
I was petrified...
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side...

I will survive. The finale song that Nita, Mas and I sang for OBW2006. Spur of a moment sort of thing....he he he....I swear Nigel was with me that night....

You can see Mastura's expression saying " Oh no Pon...please don't make me sing!"

Ruth you shall be then on the wedding night.


  1. it's pretty perplexing here.it seems like after an emotional upheaval of Herculean proportion[Richter scale of 9]u are out partying at Old Boys Weekend.to the uninitiated the OBW takes place before the sorrow sets in,and i hope not ,u are in mourning still

  2. Eh... Babe, I don't understand what the Dr is saying ler.. Anyhooz... I wanna go karaoke with you and see who hog the mike the most.. kekeke.. PLUS~ It's Yi Hwa la sayang... :p

    and post ur Redang pictures up soon! xoxo


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