Monday, September 4, 2006

Stars Are Blind

Joey and I were the emcees for the PARIS HILTON album launch held recently. Yes - I came with a blonde wig and Playboy sponsored our clothes. Sigh. I have to admit, although I am quite fond of her hit song (that's why Ai Leng called me for this job), this was plain torture thanks to the super short skirt and irritating wig!
I'd hate to think of me hosting a Michael Jackson launch. THAT would be painful.

A friend of mine is in bad publicity recently. Latest news is that the whole shebang was a mere publicity stint that had backfired. I asked her myself and she said it's just rumors (to both).

Paris, on the contrary is doing extremely well despite her infamous scandals.

Whitney Hilton was born on Feb 17, 1981. She is an American Socialite, actress, fashion model, author and now singer. Her initial rise to fame was simply as an heirness to the Hilton Hotel fortune, as well as of her father, Richard's, fortune. A videotape of her having sex with her boyfriend helped skyrocket her into the public eye, and that drew attention to her then-new participation in a reality series, The Simple Life. That was followed by a series of personal scandals and publicity stunts.
An interesting conversation took place

X:The problem with a "goody two shoes" reputation is that you have to live up to it...all it takes is for a public mishap and there goes your career

Y: you are absoulutely right...maybe i shud write on this.
X: that's why some celebs purposely taking the opposite approach
Y: like who i pray?
X: the most obvious example is colin farrell
Y: hmmm...yeah...from early on, he declared to the world that he's a chain smoker, drinks like a fish, hires prostitutes regularly what can the press do to him?In contrast, look at hugh goody two ...caught with a where has his career gone?
if the same thing happened with colin farrell, it'd probably enhance his career...ha...ha...

So Chin up gurl.=)

On something closer to home, the controversy of TBS has hit the station with little tsunami waves. I'm 'granted' 2 weeks off and going to enjoy every friggin time doing nothing but laze.
Woke up this morning freezing. Couldn't find the aircon remote control - and too darn lazy to switch off the main. So I stayed bundled up under the covers for as long as I could, till the pups started making hungry noises. Reluctantly got out of bed with my selimut wrapped around me. The remote fell out from nowhere and after feeding the pups, I came to the study to blog.

They say publicity, good or bad, is still pubilicity.
what are your thoughts?

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  1. Watch Chicago for advice.. kekeke.. If you wanna, I've got the DVD :p