Roadtrips with great music and good company!

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move."
-- Robert Louis Stevenson--

Granted 2 weeks off, so started out the first of my holidays with an impromptu trip up north with Mas and Paul. Have been feeling rather edgy for the past few weeks, so decided to 'get advice' from Nigel. Don't know whether I had made the right decision. Main objective of the trip up north:-

1. Visit Nigel
2. Meet up with Xixi to discuss about the danceshow
3. Visit aunty Hannah who "prays each night for God to end her suffering of arthritis"

I was extremely happy with the trip as I acheived doing all three --

Pix taken by DI from behind

Paul wanted to drive, so I allowed him to drive DD32. The road is long...
Song playing: Ironic.
"it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife..its like meeting the man of your dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife..isn't it ironic?"

Told Mas that the song was eerie as I kept seeing iconic emblems everytime this song was played on the radio. A sign of??? Sigh....

I love graveyards. Especially this one. I could stay, read a book and have a picnic, without feeling weird or spooked here. Its so peaceful. This is Mr Andrew's tombstone . I asked the undertaker to take a picture of us with the famous 'doggy grave' - myth is, when Andrew passed on, his faithful dog was so heartbroken, he laid by his tombstone every single day. Relatives and friends of Andrew would have to feed the dog at the graveyard everyday - when the doggy died, they decided to place a marble replica of doggy ( I don't know his name). Apparently, the story is not true as its famously told, but its a lovely story is it not?

Pix taken by Mastura

Felt a bit blue (hence the shirt colour) so when I went to visit Nigel and told him about my predicament. I told him to give me a sign. Bowed my head in prayer. Nigel Samson was my best friend and was supposed to be my wedding planner. Justice is being served to all 5 of the murderers who dared harm my 'happy' friend. Paid the undertaker RM10 to clear the weeds. Told them to look after my Nigel. I secretly hoped that my gesture of paying the undertaker RM10 to clear the weeds ( not much weed anyway), Nigel would take pity on me and stop choreographing dance numbers up in heaven for one hour to guide me on my recent insecurities. Strange. I know what the answer is deep inside me but I am too afraid to understand, comprehend it. I should sleep on this matter. Perhaps God and Nigel only works best when I am truly alert and attentive.


  1. popon, kivaa iso buuk ii maan ku pointutunan kumaa diau... patut kopizo do maan nu basaon sabab ii buuk dii kivaa lahan do pomuginavaan ingkuo manalasai onu noopo ii mangan nu asalasai.. mungkin nogi do kalati ko (mantad pambasaan dii) nokuo om ingkuo susuzan koposizon nu di nakatahib nadadi miaga dii.

    okon ko momudut diti... iti no iso buuk do miaga do bible kumaa dogo om nakaanu zou lahan mantad diti buuk.

    nung kabasa ko dii buuk, ahalap zou do koposizon nu om isai-isai noo ii otutunan nu avasi tomoimo nung kaanu ko pomuginavaan mantad buuk dii, nga iso noopo pokionuan ku, "just pay it forward" - pointutunon no isai tambahut toi tobpinai id pomuandaman nu kaanu do pomuginavaam kavavagu mantad buuk diti.

    nung mimang ko ngaan di buuk dii, maganu no timpu do monuat kumaa dogo. poihoon ku izia tapi usin, sendiri pigi bili laa.. id mph, borders, kino nga kivaa.

    cheers sista.

  2. hey girl... you should know that people around you love you... be brave and stay cheerful!!!

    Always a silver lining to every cloud :)

  3. eureka ,you have hit the mother load.alert and attentive on your part i hope you are being present and in silence to 'search, for your true self and invariably your true self is the all knowing and 'what problem'!!!!!


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