Pushing his weight around

Last night, I went out clubbing with Jeremy and Chris. Met up with Alvin,Paul, Noel, Shamser, Ashraf, Steph, Joy, Hannah,Marilyn and Colin there -- in fact, almost EVERYBODY was out that night-- yes, even that particular body.

Of acquaintances and morons.

There have been incidents in my life that were not all too rosy. I take full responsibility of all good and bad decisions I make in my life - Some I am not proud of, but I take all failures, silly decisions and foolish behaviour with full hope that it will teach me to be a better person; to not repeat the same mistake.

But I guess part and parcel of the mistakes in your life, is that it haunts you in odd times of your life. You cringe, you might bitch about it in your blog or to your loved ones who understand your side of the story...but yes, it does come and bite you once in a blue moon. And the painful thing about this bite is that it leaves a scar -- in this case, an emotional scar that tears you apart when you think back and ponder "what if I had done this...instead of that?"

On a happier note, I had a fantastic time last night. Danced up quite a sweat and it was great meeting old friends again. While Jeremy was being hit upon his 'ex-lover', Chris condemning the DJ and Paul @ Skems attempting to dance, Alvin and I were grooving the whole night long to songs from the 60s till 90s.
Alvin did his (great) impression of gay-dancing which cracked me up.
Wish Sheanz and Nazzie was there, but I know where their priorities lies now.

Speaking of which, a conversion is to take place this Sunday. I call it the 'Baptism with kebayas and tudungs'.
I wish you well saudari. I'm sure Allah will bestow his strength and guidance to assist you through this very rough and complicated time of your life.

To that person who was pushing his weight around last night, I wish you and your friend well. What's done is done. No use getting another thumb broken kan?



  1. time is not of essence.there is no beginning and end to time.just like a drop of water ,when was it formed?it's part of a river than sea than cloud than lake than back to the river again.the essence of life is NOW.past and future is an illusion.you are too atach to your past that brings pain to your present NOW


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