My best friend Nigel


The first time I met him was at this club in Pulau Tikus, Penang. 88 or something like that. Jessica didn't have to teach tuition that day, so we took a drive in her maroon kancil to this club for a game of pool. It was 4pm and the weather was hot and I needed a cool drink. The aqua waiter(ess) [geddit???? Aqua=water?] said that margaritas were being sold for RM1-- happy hour. Jess said why not? Now for someone who gets hiccups after 3 sips of champagne, this was not a good thing.

But lectures were over, and it was the start of a weekend anyway, so I paid RM10 upfront (ceh...) and (attempted) to play pool. By the time I was done with my 4th glass,(which by the way, if Samantha from Sex in the City saw how the margaritas were being served....she would have been very, very angry), I had done the running man backwards 3 times, sung the 'Spitting Image' song terbalik and sung Ba Ba Black Sheep in malay! Then just as I wanted to demonstrate my Jennifer Lopez moves to the sudden crowd that had come to join us at the pool area, I noticed him.

An eccentric flamboyant looking person stood snootishly smoking his menthol L&Ms. He eyed me up and down and then moved to another table where (I presume) his group of friends were.I went to the DJ (Bernie) and said, who is that weird guy? He's giving me the creeps.... DJ(Bernie) smiles and tells me, "someone you better be nice to". I did what my instinct told me to do. I ignored his snooty stare and headed to the dance floor. Bear in mind that the party had not started yet. It was merely 8pm and there was noone else on the dance floor but me. JLo's song was being played....I still love the video of the song being played right then---"if you had my love..." So, there I was...dancing alone on the dance floor, trying in vain to mimic Jlo's moves. I must of impressed at least one person, cause that's when Jessica pulls me out from the dance floor and sayes "hey....the guy over there (nigel) wants to sign us up as his dancers! think he's for real?"

And that's how our friendship was formed.

Oh...don't get me wrong. We have shared the same bed and seen each other's naked (cute) posteriors--- but my sexuality to him is akin to Margaret Thatcher and her potential as the page 3 model!

From the initial dance group, Repertoire to our last dance group together, Indigo -- we shared many memories together. We were there for each other when our boyfriends left us....and we would be there for each other after we ironically tore each other's feelings apart. We could love and hate at such extreme that it scared us both at times-- but despite the petty fights, it was our amazing adoration for each other that kept our love alive.

Nigel told me that I would make it big someday. For a man of differed sexuality, his favourite magazine was FHM. He said he wants to see me on the cover one day. Sadly, two days after finding out about me being selected to grace this magazine cover, he passed on suddenly without saying goodbye.

I have done 2 covers for this magazine since his passing on, and today I received news that Indonesia wants to use my pix for their FHM cover in their next (next?) issue. Nigel darling....I dedicate that issue to you. I love and miss you and wish you were here to tell me what to do. I just bought my first pair of StuartW and I have noone to dance the jive with it on.

Last night, I realized that Nigel was with me when I was scoffing down my soya bean & Cha Kuih/pau. His sexual preference is alright, but it will, sadly, never be with me.

Tattoos with DD on it. For steady, sturdy drives like my S40. I think that should be next imprinted on me.


  1. Back in 88,i guess u must be malish will be great if u can post a picture from way back than.judge wanna judge Nigel's taste[may he rest in peace]


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