The Monteiro's

I am blessed to have met them (again) after 5 years. That's Glen and Eve. Near Eve is little Kieren and Sean on his left. The Monteiro's.

They are remote family relatives of the Baptist family. A truly simplistic family who are quite often misunderstood.
Poor them.

Eve works as a teacher for kids with special needs. She is the sole breadwinner of the family. She is like an angel who lifts those who forget to fly in moments of despair and stress.

Glen is the househusband who used to be very active in the fashion industry a long time ago, till they agreed that someone needs to be with the kids 24/7

Sean is 10 now. He is extremely prudent and wise with money. He speaks with a slight slur and almost 'hiccup-ish' but very well mannered nevertheless.

Kieren has beautiful eyes and will be a heartbreaker when he grows up. He is the compassionate little one.

That flower was given to me by Kieren and Sean. I had to take it along with me to meet Melvin at Mediacorp. Shy only....
the pink drink is from Amway Distribution...which I have recently signed up with
(can't say NO to the monteiro's can I?)

Here's a flower for you Aunty Daphne...
I told them to study hard and I will take them up to KL for holiday.

This is the board that holds the Monteiro's dreams and goals.
I cried when I saw this. Hugged them tight and we prayed together for our safety and wishes.

Kieren and Sean wants 2 dogs in their new house. I told them about China and Brazil. They were both very excited! I think they're going to be scoring good marks this coming exams!