Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Holidays Part II

Again, pictures not in random order! Arggh....I've got to learn how to do it....
My handsome brother, Mozes Jr who turned 27 on the 11th Sept.

I took this picture of this man sitting in bizclass with me. He is draped in Adidas. Had to take his picture without flash...(duh) as not to wake him up. I've got something similiar to what he is wearing too. I checked out his socks too. Yup. Adidas.
Ryan tells me that all Adidas apparel in China is made at the headquaters in Ningbo. (Picture of this cool building to be posted soon). From this pix, you can faintly see the 3 stripes. Must tell Darren and AnnaR about this. What precious information so early in the morning!

The hotel bathroom.

Michelle-Ann and I after my talk in UMS. Was so nervous at first, but managed to wing it with a standing ovation? ha ha ha ha....They want me back. Yay!

The hotel bed.

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