Holidays Part I

the dress that i wore for the Selfridge party. totally psychedelic...

Gucci mamas.
Mas and I fooling around near Nigel's final resting place

I wonder if China & Brazil want to be buried near their momma like this?

Nazzie Boy : emcee for the Subang Parade Celebrity Fitness Official Opening

The very talented and beautiful, Ms January Low
LV Opening, Starhill

Mas and Paul. Managed to persuade Paulie @Skems to ditch the dive class so we can go for dinner instead.

Told you not all Techies are geeks!
In front; Victor my co-host. Wacky dude.
TechEd Microsoft Event

From L to R: Daphne, Dynas, Sham and Raja Endon Mastura

Jeremy Aquaria and I pose for the camera. Much nicer my camera shots kan J?

Where the party begins and ends that night. LV flagship outlet in KL is officially opened. Champy. Nice.


These past few days being a ‘lazy bugger’ has made me realized that a holiday is a holiday when you get to do the things you want to do, even if you are busier than you normally are when you are NOT on holiday. Ironically, the lazier I am, the more things I find out about myself.

Started the first of my ‘hols’ with a trip up north. Sharon and hubby were supposed to
join me but had to cancel last minute, so it was a great thing that Mas and Paul came along. It was a packed weekend- almost chaotic! First, the roads were new so it took me some time before I could find my way. Then, we had difficulty finding a hotel. Found a Chinese masseur at the beach who gave me a much needed back massage, but he used this special minyak that made me all ill again! Met up with Ah Xi for Thai. Night out at the jazz bar-Bagan (pronounced BA-GUN) with 1/5 of the Indigo original cast. Had a bit too much Champy—nice. Next day, breakies (Paul with his 2 SPGs?) [*SPG= Sarong Party Girl* A term used to describe asian chicks who dig mat salleh dudes.] I came up with a co*k-shi* story about me being his half sister and Mas his wife. =) Went to visit Nigel and then dropped by Aunty Hannah’s place (lost again).

Poignant moment: I’ve always been close with Mas, but this trip brought us closer. We baptized Paul with a new name “skema” or skems which means Nerdy in Malay. (Do you know that he actually responds faster to his new name faster than ‘Paul’?) I also learnt that no matter how many times I have gone to visit Nigel @ Nonsense, I could never find his gravesite on my own. I always end up paying somebody else to find his site for me. And I also find that I normally seek his comfort when something big hits me; and I don’t know how to respond to the change(s). I also re(realize) that the bloody radio plays the same track over and over again! I heard the song ‘Ironic’ at least 6 times during this trip!

Tapah R&R has the best outlets and biggest toilets. That’s why you can actually smell shampoo and soap emit from the toilets. They seem to LURVE bathing there. Strange. Really. They come in hoards. The whole KG. I’m serious.

Miss Selfridge fashion show was held on the following Tuesday at Bond. They have the latest collection on retail now. Very 70s and 60s inspired.

Poignant moment: Met up with Shawn the reporter, whom I befriended on an assignment in HK. A happy fruitcake who has never ceased to make me laugh. Dinner with lights and karaoke soon after. Jeremy shares his pride and joy—in 2 months time, he will be a daddy!

I received my Lifetime Achievement Award from Celebrity Fitness the next day. Wore my 3 stripes proudly. Never had I felt so fit that day. AnnaR kept raising her eyebrow on my popping assets (the power of adidas I tell you…) Jehan was saying that if he had what I had, he would of received the award too. I beg to differ. Wheeled myself from Dive class that night, and we ended up eating at that queer café upstairs on KLCC.

Poignant moment: After the CF event, I had lunch with Sheila, Intan, Pulen, Nazzie and Ooi. I am loved afterall. You are right. It’s a precious feeling. Learnt a new joke from Skems too.

Next day, the much awaited (and apparently the party of the year) LV KL flagship opening. Didn’t want to be late. KathyLam is known for her strict timing- for feng shui reasons. The regulars of Le Prestige and Tatler were there with some odd invitees like yours truly. After a very squishy gathering inside the store, we then proceeded to the 4th floor for the party. I convinced the gang to hang out near the bar. And NO. Not for mere intoxication reasons. It was less crowded and less smoky.

Poignant moment: La-di-da events like this is less stuffy when you have wonderful company around you.

Next day, an emcee job for ntv7/Microsoft at KLCC. Kim and the gang were awfully sweet and treated me like a princess. My co-host Victor was quite a sport, and although it was a long afternoon job, I truly enjoyed myself. It was in conjunction with TechEd. And yes….some were really, really geeky. But a loving bunch all the same.

Proceeded to Sime Darby to tunjuk muka at MediaPrima’s Screenings. I’m very proud of my CEO. He looked so suave and confident. Sheanzie told me that he rocked the house down with his ‘act’. Ain was the Screenings Director this year. A job well done Ain!

Poignant moment: I was getting physically tired by this day. But, having such positively aspiring people around you makes the vitality going.

Next day, a trip up north again with Mas for STAROBA’s OBW Dinner. We were the Emcees and I have never worked with Mas before. We decided to go without a script and no rehearsal. The result? Impromtu chemistry- which worked better, I think. We even sang with Nite (MI)- I will Survive.

Poignant moment: Went to this gorgeous café “Indulgences” situated near Heritage Hotel- serves really yummy delicacies and ‘met’ this hottie chef, David from Oz. Mas’s bro, Eddie is a total ding. Wanted him to find out how tall David is WITHOUT being too obvious. He failed miserably. LOL. Learnt on this trip that I miss having my family gathering on Sundays. Being with Raja Sharifudin’s ( I think) family was awesome. I told Mas that she has happening parents and cool siblings. Canning Garden. Didn’t get to eat the Kuey Teow though. Too many people ordering. Mas and I should do a bi-lingual program together. Hmmm…

Off to KK for my first talk. Nervous. And to Ningbo soon after.

Poignant moment: figuring how to cure the nervous butterflies in my tum tum.