Ghost from the past

What happens when the Ghost of your past visits you?

In my case, I cried in amusement but smiled in sorrow.

When the news arrived, my tummy did some flip flops -- not in nervous knots like how you feel 3 minutes before a presentation, but because it was odd, sad and relieving all in one breath.

I told him that things don't neccesarrily be what they appear to be, and that I had proof.
He said don't blame the carwash if the car still smells funny.

I smiled in sorrow thinking of the pain we all had gone through and how an act of lust or foolishness can ruin so many things --
I cried in amusement cause it didn't bother me anymore but it seemed to bother another and I felt the old familiar feeling of fear and insecurities, this time around for the other and its surroundings

When I visited the jungle warzone area with mum, dad and boy today -- I felt blessed all over again cause I realized that my keen interest was theirs too and they showed so much enthusiasm,it made me cry a silent vow to love them with all my heart and soul- with no exception to the rule. Cruel you may think that in tender moments like these, I have to relive the notion that I am to care for them , to love them---cause this child love should come naturally, and should need no explaination or deeper clarification for a promise like this to take place--- but I am honest and someone told me that communication is important to say how you feel...and to let your intentions be heard.

And things get more complicated....

ok...periton is taking too much of my energy away......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sambung soon.....................

Oh...about that ghost of my past? I kissed it goodnight and allowed the spirit to linger freely around my bedroom till it was ready to leave.

I have to head back to KL now.



  1. what a hanger!
    is this gonna be one of those Judith McNaught or Robert Ludlum endings?
    periton?-'pouring out' marathon?
    the care accorded to a child during its fragile years built lasting love
    the children usually takes things for granted until it's too late[not all though]


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