Flowers to perk up the room and spirit!

I believe that flowers are always good in keeping a wane spirit alive. It adds colour to an otherwise dull room, and adds life to stagnant air.

I received yet more news on news. How tragic.
My feelings? Upset, confused and worried.
Sheanz and Naz dropped all their plans to be with me friggin EARLY this morning and I felt truly loved.

I have everything I could ask for. And I thank God for the key people in my life who have stood beside me through thick and thin.

You know who you are. God bless.

Tips on making fresh flowers last longer:-
Use Oxygenized water. Preferbly ice cold.
Some say add Panadol. But I didn't do that. Like my flowers fresh and natural.


  1. is Oxygenized water those 02 water they sell? I bought one bottle for 4 ringgit. If you use it ice cold, it'll go back to room temperature after awhile. You put ice in the vase everyday?


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