whirlwind romance?

When is the right age to get married?

Read this article while surfing thru the net and thought back on my past relationships with a smile. My first boyfriend was a darling- my childhood sweetheart - he treated me like a queen! We went out for 3 years and being so young and in love, we had already planned the 'blue prints' of our house, what car we would ferry the kids to school in and made plans on "who would do the dishes and which school would our kids go to". How naive.=)

That was almost 10 years ago -- and though I know how innocently silly and naive it sounds then, I still believe in 'fairy-tale stories'; and believe romance is a vital ingredient in any relationship.

It is with little wonder how I fell in love with my current man after such a short but intense time with him. I totally understand now, how some people can just fall in love with someone by the snap of the fingers--- even stranger when that man has been around you from the beginning, but you never had any intentions whatsoever at first glance, until romance, great chemistry and loads of laughter and understanding comes into the picture!

I am not leaving the industry-- just yet ( to answer your questions guys!), but I am planning to take a step further with this man whom I am very lucky to have met. Its still a rollercoaster ride for me, but that's the fun part of living a life full of uncertainties, surprises and questions. Its looking for the answers while keeping your sanity...its taking responsibility for things you feel bitter about in the past and asking for forgiveness-- even if you feel wronged, you swallow your pride and ego and admit your faults.(Or as Harith said, make it up! ha ha ha ha)

Noone should feel victimized, least of all yourself cause you are your own's worst enemy. I had the most revitalizing chat with Fran Peters this morning and she gave me some very sound advice in planning a good marriage. PRAY TOGETHER. SPEND TIME TOGETHER AND PRAY. If you are spiritually in tune with each other, the marriage will be strong.

I have found just a man who is loving, faithful, successful AND spiritually strong. His love, adoration and patience has realized my notions that it IS possible for fairy tale romance. He is my prince and although I don't know whether our Kingdom will be 'here' or 'there', I do know that it will be a challenging but fun time fighting the dragon and the meanies who are there to destroy our Kingdom!

Daphne the Dragon Slayer.

Btw, he is no datuk, tan sri, tengku. But he is my prince and that's all that matters.


  1. Brilliant blog...very insightful and eloquent.

  2. My dear girl...

    Reading this made me smile. Remember some months ago we had a talk about how, when love hits you, even with the most unexpected person, it wallops you so hard you don't know WHAT hit you? ;p And sure enough, for you it did... and I am so so proud of you, so so happy for you.

    You and Mr R (not tengku, not datuk, not tan sri) have all my heartfelt prayers for lifelong happiness and bliss.

    God bless you both.

  3. my dearest, dearest Daphne (no, will not use the term of affection we used with you about 8 years back when we first met! haha...wouldn't want to inadvertently incur the wrath of the unicorn goddess!) ;-p

    Came by your blog after Erna mentioned meeting you etc and posting about you on her blog...just wanna say, Daphne, that i truly,truly wish you all the very best and every possible kind of happiness it is conceivable to find here in this land, on this plane... Step out in faith and pray for the best! Sounds like you've been taking some extra big steps lately - the resignation, the whole thing with your Mr R,... great things come to him (in your case, she!) who dares!

    Have a great life! Carpe Diem!

    p/s - BTW, yes, Erna did mean Liz as in Elizabeth! :-)

  4. aww...so sweeeet!!all the best for you and that lucky guy!


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