Did a 'Quit Smoking' story for Merdeka and one of the guys i interviewed claimed to have stopped his habit by reading this book by Allen Carr's "Easy Way To Stop Smoking". Currently reading this and have found it quite an easy read.

Que sera sera...what ever will be will be...the future's not ours to see...Que Sera Sera.

Thank you Jeremy Lee!


  1. Not had a true cigarette for four weeks now thanks to
    using ecigs. I am a devoted fan of these ecigs. I tell everyone I
    meet to just Google for e-cigarettes to see how well rooted
    this industry is, and how gigantic the market is for these excellent products is.
    What p*sses me off, though, are the growing number of stories
    in the major press saying how dire they are.
    Apparently the big drugs companies - the manufacturers of quit smoking helpers are supporting an anti
    e-cigarette war - not so much the fag firms (as one
    might think) as many are investing in them. I can FEEL the heath gains of electronic cigarettes.
    Just saying - that there is always a agenda with these self interested
    faceless types trying to prohibit electronic cigarettes .
    .. our country's EU people could do a lot more to promoter their use. It makes me angry. I hope they don't get banned


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