Sunday, August 20, 2006

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Daphne Iking to marry

The gorgeous host of The Breakfast Show on NTV7 will tie the knot on Jan 27, 2007 after an intense courtship lasting all of six months!

Well-meaning friends have asked if Iking, 27, is doing the right thing since she only met her 28-year-old beau in October last year, after having just broken off a three-year relationship. Iking herself has no doubts, though.

“Ryan is a brilliant young businessman. I am a Catholic Kadazan from Sabah and he is also a Christian, so spiritually we are one,” Iking explains.

Daphne Iking
Ryan and Daphne met during the filming of KL Lights, a comedy series which aired on 8TV last February. He was the executive producer and she was one of the stars of the show. The timing was right; Daphne’s on-off affair at the time was disintegrating around July and Ryan came into the picture in October.

She insists, though, it was not love at first sight.

“We started dating exclusively only this year. Let me cite the reasons why I love him! He is stable, patient and a good friend. Friendship means a lot to me.

“He is faithful and spiritually strong. He is smart with big dreams, but he is no Brad Pitt! He is someone I can see myself growing old with! Oh, I am such a romantic at heart! Anyway it’s in the stars – he is a Scorpio and I am a Cancerian, so we are a perfect match!”

Her husband-to-be proposed to her on her birthday, July 6, 2006, when he threw a surprise birthday party for her.

But no, he did not go down on bended knee with a mega-carat diamond ring.

“He is a bit of a Chinaman-lah. He literally talked me into marrying him! Just like that! He is a determined man and gets what he wants. I find that very sexy,” she laughs.

The wedding date – Jan 27, 2007 – was selected by his parents.

“Originally they suggested 07-07-07, which is fine with me but Ryan says that’s too far off and I might change my mind! Isn’t that flattering?

As it is, all the hotels we wanted are booked up so while the date is fixed, the venue isn’t!”

Daphne says marriage will not get in the way of her career.

“Ryan travels a lot and stays everywhere except Malaysia! I will be based here, though. We may not see each other daily but absence makes the heart grow fonder, so this is a dream marriage!” she sighs.

*Taken from The Star*


  1. Just tumbled upon your blog.

    Firstly congratulations on your "engagement". Personally I agree with you as I dont think the length of time in which you go steady before getting married is relevant. Relationships are not any much more steadier if you had gone steady with him for over 10 years instead of 6 months becoz people tend to change.

  2. Congrats, girl. I hope your marriage will be a happy one.