Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sitting on the Fence

My last post mentioned something on "sitting on the fence"-- or what the Malays say 'lalang' -- the ability to sway from one side to another, depending on the direction of the wind blowing.

Kan orang dah kata, pungguk hang, sakit kalau duduk kat pagar tu...baik berdiri sebelah kiri atau kanan.

I can't seem to comprehend the latest development in this new system at my workplace. Its strange, its odd and its seems not genuine. Its more upsetting now, than it was back then.

Sigh.Ok enough of work. Might get into trouble-- I know Naz and I did when we mentioned a joke on "lawyers are liars"-- a lawyer called/smsed the boss and said we were humiliating the proffession. One, "siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas" two, its a JOKE! Chill...

2 cases already. I have made a decision to stop with this so called British Wit. Some tWITS can't handle it--
I hope the new 4 hosts brings some breath of fresh air for the program. (and when I mean fresh, I mean WICKEDLY FRESH!!!) At least I can dive with the sharks in peace.

Bloody hell. Go ahead and make a mark on your butt then.Now you have 3 arses.
(go figure)


  1. i hope the new faces can at least be on the same par and quality as u guys were before. :p

  2. wow.....FOUR new hosts??? Missing you guys from here!