I've joined the list of Yasmin and Amir Controversy list!Woohoo!

This was posted on Ha(ha)RaKah which my 2nd producer 'gladly' emailed to me--- fmi, I guess. Heard about the hoo-hah from 1st producer and shrugged it off, cause I was just doing my job - interviewing the guest for the day. Geez....dude, at least get your facts straight!

Did not offer it to Naz, nor did I "hina umat Islam". At least 80% of my bestpals are Islam for crying out loud!

Sigh....guess you can't go pleasing everyone. I know I shouldn't react to this article, and I didn't - until of course, I read the false report on that article e-mailed (geez) to me!

I guess I've got to learn to listen to my gut instinct next time. Had a long chat with Sheanzball last night. Been awhile since I last had a girly session with her and I confessed some "silly notions" in my head that has been bugging me for the past 3 weeks. I'm glad I voiced out my concerns-- at least I don't feel too guilty anymore for what was bugging me.

Here is the article.

Lajnah Pengguna dan Alam Sekitar Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat melahirkan rasa kesal dan kecewa terhadap stesen televisyen swasta Malaysia iaitu NTV7 diatas sikap tidak menghormati perasaan dan sensitiviti penonton yang beragama Islam apabila menyiarkan secara langsung slot tentang kehebatan dan cara menghidang “wine” dan “champagne” dalam rancangan “The Breakfast Show” pada jam 9:30 pagi ini Selasa 15 Ogos 2006.


Rancangan ini dikendalikan oleh dua orang pengacara terkenal iaitu Daphne King IT'S IKING dan Nazarudin IT'S NAZRUDIN yang beragama Islam. Walaupun semasa slot tersebut disiarkan ianya hanya dikendalikan oleh pengacara bukan beragama Islam tetapi gelagat pengacara wanita tersebut agak keterlaluan dan kadang-kadang seolah-olah menghina agama Islam. ER...HOW?

Antaranya beliau seolah-olah berbangga-bangga kerana dapat meneguk minuman haram tersebut dan mengatakan ianya hebat dan menawarkan pengacara Islam tersebut untuk minum bersama. IT WAS NOT MEANT FOR NAZ, IT WAS TO KRISHNAN (NON MUSLIM) WHO IS THE CAMERAMAN THAT TBS HAS OCCASIONAL MINI-DRAMAs WITH! Akhirnya, beliau menghina pengacara Islam dengan mengatakan “Kau minum Ribena ajelah” (dialihbahasa ke Bahasa Melayu). I REPLIED TO HIS QUESTION ON DID THE WINE TASTE LIKE AND I SAID, "IT TASTED OK, BUT WE ARE NOT ENCOURAGING MUSLIMS TO DRINK KAN?....ITS OK... YOU HAVE YOUR RIBENA RIGHT NAZ? Ini sesuatu yang amat memalukan kerana ianya disiarkan secara langsung dan disaksikan oleh ramai penonton khususnya kanak-kanak dan orang dewasa yang beragama Islam.

Lajnah Pengguna dan Alam Sekitar meminta kerajaan Malasyia khususnya Kementerian Penerangan supaya mengambil tindakan tegas diatas sikap beberapa pemilik stesen televisyen di Malaysia termasuk pengacara dan artis yang langsung tidak tahu menghormati serta memahami perasaan penonton juga aspirasi kerajaan.
Kejadian yang hampir sama berlaku semasa siaran langsung Festival Filem Malaysia ke 19 dimana ada pemenang anugerah yang menghina bahasa kebangsaan di hadapan seorang Menteri Kabinet. Ini sesuatu yang serius kerana ianya dilakukan oleh seorang selebriti dan sudah pasti ianya akan menjadi ikutan golongan remaja Malaysia.


Whatever his real motives are when he falsely reported this, political or not -- I really think he should get his facts right first.

Speaking of which, things have been chaotic. With a wedding to plan in less than 6 months, in laws and family to please, a far-away boyfriend, and my career status with a huge QUESTIONMARK? I've been losing sleep. Thank God for Box Set DVDs and the loves of my life at home, wagging their tails patiently as I bribe their warmth sleeping next to me with some left over chacos.

On a different note, some people prefer sitting on the fence. My question is, doesn't it hurt? Why not decide on standing at the garden or the sidewalk? If you don't like the grass, then you can always use the gate and hop down the pathway, like what normal, civilized beings SHOULD be doing. Don't sit the on the fence. It hurts the arse, its tiring and its just plain silly.

My 2 cents worth.


  1. Misguided religious orthodoxy is just so tacky!

  2. lama-lama dorang lupa bah tu. keep urself busy with ur wedding plans. and congrats. - a u m

  3. glory hunters. don't sweat it. :p

  4. Ugh... Hate these holier-than-thou people... Like it or not, many muslims DO drink. By making it as though Muslims don't drink is just blind!!!

    For this fella to say things like 'Ini sesuatu yang serius kerana ianya dilakukan oleh seorang selebriti dan sudah pasti ianya akan menjadi ikutan golongan remaja Malaysia." means that he has no faith in Muslims?

    And this 'Antaranya beliau seolah-olah berbangga-bangga kerana dapat meneguk minuman haram tersebut dan mengatakan ianya hebat ...' is just plain (sorry!)stupid! If it's haram for them, doesn't mean that it's haram for the other religions. Shouldn't we be more tolerent?

    Just my 5cents worth... :(

    Keep your chin up girl and do your thang~!

  5. pish posh! some fella with too much time on their hands and a very narrow viewpoint. Don't even bother dear - hugs!

  6. hypocrisy is politics.if you were to scrutinise his life,well i'm sure a container of WORMS


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