Saturday, August 26, 2006

French women are never fat!

I know there is a book on this -- and I remember flipping through the book ; "french women take their time eating..its part of their culture." And that's why French women remain thin all the time.

Well, preparation for the wedding includes me getting into shape. Tsk...tsk...vain pot I am indeed, but doesn't every bride want to look the best on their wedding day?

Well, the new found system in the office has actually helped me refrain myself from stuffing my face silly with the (unhealthy) goobla they serve at the cafeteria. I also met this French lady, Marie, who is giving me advice on slimming certain parts of my body. I have 5 months. She claims in 3 months, I will have the body I had back when I was dancing 10 years ago. Hmmm....

Besides the food table I am required to fill in daily (which naturally leads to me to cut down on the KFC and my Subang nasi goreng), I have these other quirky things to do to "burn the fat". Slapping myself silly with this herbal cream (I hope the neighbours don't get the wrong idea-- they've been giving me funny looks lately) and wrapping myself with cold plaster (I get a secret high seeing my pink nails turn blue!)

Ah...the pains we go through in life to look pretty. Tsk...tsk...

My man better appreciate our first night! *blush*

Ok...going for a swim now...Marie said the one thing I cannot go overboard with is exercise! (YAY!) No jogging or too strenous the exercise, claims she.

Damn this blister on my right ankle. How on earth am I going to wear my fave high heels with the dress I plan to wear tonight then?

ah...tomorrow should be bliss...I hope. Taking some interesting pictures- where the world of clothes, shoes and handbags is not welcomed.

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