Tuesday, August 29, 2006

a fine thread of silk

I met the both of them, Ramli Ibrahim & January Low at a New Years' Eve party in Bangkok a few years back. Jan's parents were acquaintances of my ex. At that time, she was dating a contestant from the reality show I used to host - so getting to know this young lady was always from a "peering through the glass window" realm.

I met her again when she came on the Breakfast show as a guest to talk about her nominations in the BOH Cameronion awards. I was intrigued with this sassy young lady. I called her up and asked her if she would like to give it a try - hosting a morning talk show. She was a hit amongst us in the audition, but alas, her dancing feet is her priority now, so we reluctantly let her go.

After the auditions, an odd sms from either one of us would appear and a more grounded friendship was formed. She asked me my opinion on nudity, and I asked her on fame.

She rang me a few days ago to ask if we would like to highlight Crossing Borders in our show -- and today, along with her sifu, Ramli and the American Shakuhachi flutist, Christopher Yohmei Blasdel (Pronounced BLAZE-DEL) she wowed us with a beautiful impromptu performance with Chris on the bamboo (5 holed) vertical flute.

But what I saw on the show was nothing compared to the dance rehearsal that Nazzie and I were quite honored to be invited for.

Yesterday, Naz and I popped by Sutra House to get some materials from Jan. We were going to kidnap her for a quick mamak session, but we were stopped by Ramli - she forgot they had rehearsals.
So, in the end, I ended up having a glass of white wine (tasted like sweet tapai) and had a refreshing talk with Ramli, Chris and Jan before the rehearsals. Ramli then 'ordered' us to go down to watch a contemporary dance choreographed by an equally talented lady (can't remember her name ...darn!)

Sitting down at the the studio amidst the stillness of Titiwangsa, a glass of white wine hanging from my right hand, slight incense stick burning aroma in the air, I took a deep breath watching the 'show'. I was mesmerized -- and so was Nazzie. In fact, if it were'nt for Nazzie's mirrored reaction moves of the dance, would of cried a bucket! When Jan and Ramli joined in, my heart felt the rythm, felt the pain and happiness transprising within the group. It was a beautiful, touching dance routine and I could not help but feeling awfully unadequate. I suddenly realized how little I know. This young lady unlocked the curiosity in me that I haven't seen in a while.

I'm blessed my ex introduced me to her parents and subsequently being a friend of hers. I told Naz that "this lady will go very very far" and we truly believe this!

Good luck Wye San....

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