Tuesday, July 18, 2006

TSunami vs SiTi

We brought this up during TBS today. More than 300 deaths recorded (86 recorded when we went live this morning) in the Tsunami tragedy-- and all the headlines in our local newspapers "featured" their official wedding plans! Great! I don't know where our priorities lie when it comes to newsworthy issues!

Caller: why do all the Msian female artistes end up marrying Datuks/Tuns/kerabat..nak sangat terhegeh-hegeh...

I posed this question to the female lead of PGL who came on our show as our Guest On Set today.

So...Datin...blah blah...what's your take?

Her answer: (uncomfortable silence)
Its not as if kitaorang terburu-buru cari datuk ke...etc.

Point taken.

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  1. You got some points there Daphne dear.
    My apology to Siti, and no offence but I felt like really wanna vomit since the day their pictures displayed in front of all papers in Malaysia. Maybe it's not her fault either, but the media keep on playing the usual song, again and again, and again...in a terribly high volume. Oh plezzz!!!
    Why can't they put the little apocalypse news in Jawa on the first place? Or the Terrible genocide in Lubnan and Palestine, or the rocketing price hike due to the attack?
    Siti nak kawin, biar la dia kawin...so, who cares anyway? She is grown up. If she chosed to marry a 76 year old Datuk and Millionaire...lantaklah. But the most important, do we have enuff coverage on the effort of surviving Malaysian economy next year and the years later?
    Maybe to harsh to called Malaysian newspaper are bloody pathetic....but the truth it is....

    sorry Daphne....luv u...
    but not the Malaysian opt to be flourished with celebrity news.
    BTW, do you also want to find a Datuk? Crossing fingers maybe? ha ha