Pulling the cord

A famous actor died yesterday - the thing that shocked most ppl was not cause "he died at such a young age" but "eh...selebriti pun pakai AirAsia?".

How shallow.

I just sent in my article on FAME-- now that its probably busy getting butchered, I'll just blog about Fame & Celebrities in this entry.

When I hear Celebrity, the first thing that pops in my mind is Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp(Yum!), Kiera Knightley....heck...even Jr Ewing is a celebrity. Not a DaphneI,a ShebbyS, ShamserS or even HannahT!
Really. Its too high the standards for our local personalities to be be given the 'honor' Celebrity. Ok. Perhaps Hannah deserves it...but the other 3--na-ah.

SO...he was the host of a very popular gameshow....he acted in some very mel's dramas. Yes, he is an entertainer, an actor, a host -- the ex of a very prominent thespian...but he is very much human, and if he wants to take a low cost carrier to balik kampung-- so be it lah.

Hold on....if ANGELINA JOLIE wants to take a low cost carrier to do her charity work -- takpe lah kan? Tapi ..this poor fella? Balik kampung save duit pun tak boleh?

God bless his soul. I wonder what is going through ChefWan's mind right now?


  1. Found you from Nazrul's blog. Wrote about your blog in my post. Just to let you know.


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