Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blog Wash!

On the front page of the Weekend Mail this week, an exclusive survey was done and revealed that Malaysian Bloggers talk Bollocks

What the survey says:

1. Do you think blogs are credible sources of information?

YES: 34%
NO: 66%

2. Should the Government impose rules on bloggers to govern them and monitor their postings?

YES: 57%
NO: 43%

3. Should bloggers reveal their true identities to ensure credibility?

YES: 36%
NO: 64%

My take?

To have laws to govern blogging might be a bit too harsh. It is a "free world afterall" is it not? And if there were rules to monitor the cyber diaries of many out there, it would be a hellish attempt!

Oon (editor,writer and lecturer) normally tells his budding writers-to-be students to start a blog if they haven't formed one already. This is a great way of expressing thoughts into words in a fun-er way -- basically,to get the writing juices going. I agree with him. It could start on something as basic as a daily diary..that could in future, grow into 'intelligent reporting".

"Blogs are not the place to blow your own trumpet" a reader comments.

Blogs can be ANYTHING you want it to be. I know a shy, reserved, prim and proper lady who blogs in profanity --its hard to believe that's actually her when you meet her in person! Some use blogs to market their 'causes' ( Bond, Avenue K this Saturday!), most bloggers just want to express their thoughts and to see it in print. Published.

Narcissism? THAT'S what they mean by blowing your own trumpet? hmm...

On a personal note, I believe that bloggers SHOULD be responsible for their writing output. Don't spread untruths and slander. But there is no way the government can impose rules on blogging. We'll see. This would probably be another fun issue discussed (comically?) at the Parliament.

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