B4 35

When time is a factor, you want to cram a lot of activities in your life. You set a target, say before 35, I want to do a, b, c.....and you check the things one by one with a feeling of partial contentment.

I was doing my hair and Felix passed me a magazine to read. Forget the fact that he said " you are more matured now oh? Cleo not your type magazine la hor? *it still is an enjoyable light read*you read this la" and handed me an Elle Magazine.

I skimmed through it and came across this article:- 35 things to do before you're 35.

I'm 28 this year. 7 years to go. Lets see how I am doing:-

1. Travel Solo - DONE!

Went through a painful breakup and needed to clear my head. Took a flight to Bangkok. Stayed a few nights. Made some friends, shopped a bit, went to the temple and learnt yoga. Scary travelling alone--especially to a place where I couldn't speak their language, but I survived.

2. Buying a car- DONE!

First car that I bought was a kancil. The prize money that I won in the Miss Pesta Penang Pagaent paid the downpayment. I currently own a 2005 S40 Volvo. RX8 or 350Z coming soon perhaps? =)

3. Road Trip- DONE! DONE! DONE!

How many times have I drove from Penang- KL-Singapore and back? Planning one more a few weeks from now!Hopefully with the new white speed baby!

4. A Fancy Dinner- DONE!

Have gathered my friends for so many fancy dinners, they call me the PP! (Party Planner). Haven't planned one in awhile, although my 'surprise' party at TamarindSprings was smashing awesome!Thank you!

5. Nude Photos- COMING SOON!

*It's a matter of time before the body goes all south, so show off that body now!*Elle

In the works. Tom and the team are handling the logistics! Can't wait! Body paint...F***ing cool....

6. Visit one Major City- COMING SOON!

How about 15 major cities for you? Sheanzzzzzzzzzz!!!

7. Getting your own place- NOPE.

I did contribute to the renovation of the kitchen and bought the sofa at my mother's place, don't own a house yet-- but looking at the possiblilities early next year.

8. Volunteering- NOT REALLY

I have signed up for MAKNA in which they deduct XXX amount of money from my Maybank Account each month to sponsor a child. Guess volunteering to do the dishes after dinner does not count.

9. Adopting- DONE!

*It can be charity, an animal, or even a tree in your neighbourhood*Elle

I have a tree in our local zoo, I took in China ...okay...I bought him out of pity and Gan sold him to me real cheap...I sponsor a child via MAKNA and my brother lives with me now...so its sorta like adopting!

10. Dump toxic friends-DONE!

*Think of this as getting rid of those soft toys that used to be good cuddles, but are now dust traps and allergy triggers. Both the toys and your toxic friends offer a sense of the familiar that's hard to let go. But really, there is no room in your life for either. And for those who mean more to you....* Elle

It was tough, cause what we shared back in school was special. But after giving in to her "addiction" one too many times, I thought perhaps its time to cut the cord. I couldn't be her babysitter anymore-- and we grew apart.

11. Organize regular reunions-DONE!

See number 4.

12. Attending a global event-DONE!

Sort of. Went to take a look at the Dreamworks Theatre in Shanghai that was being hyped up on TBS and 7Ed. Silly Ozzies. Funny. But silly.

13. Online Shopping- DONE! DONE! DONE!

Victoria Secret anyone? =)

14. Flirting-DONE!


15. Knowing your legal rights- DONE!

In fact, sueing a company now for not paying up.

16. Take a family holiday-DONE!

Tough to organize but, have done it.... RECENTLY too!

17. Sharing a kiss in Paris with someone you love- NOT REALLY!

I have fallen in and out of love 3 times. Of course I've shared a kiss...but not in Paris. But the thought has crept into the conversation.

18. Making love somewhere unusual - HA HA HA!

19. Do the New York Times Crossword- NOPE!

apparently online. Should try it.

20. Planning for retirement- DONE!

Why do you think I work so hard! =)

21.Learning another language-DONE!

When I came back from the UK, had to take Malay, Kadazan. Took Mandarin, learnt Hokkien. Now to speak it fluently.

22. Commission a potrait- NOPE!

I have caricatures of myself!

23.Run a marathon-DONE!

Hong Leong Bank Charity Run. Nigel's shoes fell apart before the race. Had dimsum after.

24. Have a mammogram - DONE!

Recently. Please go.

25. Overcome a phobia-DONE!

Fear of heights. Have done 3 bungee jumps now.

26. Living overseas- COMING SOON!

In the midst of planning. Sheanzzzzzzzzz......

27. See the wonders of the world- COMING SOON!

In the midst of planning. Sheanzzzzzzz.....

28. Blogging- Duh-ONE!

Plus more cyber stuff from me coming soon!

29. Get a full body-check- DONE!

Recently. Please do it.

30. Meditate-DONE..DOING..

Its vital for my sanity

31. Increase your insurance coverage- DONE!

From Prudential, I have 2 more.

32. Quit Smoking- DONE!NOPE!DONE!NOPE!

Sigh...tried. Still trying.

33. Pop Calcium- DOING!

34. Go back to school- DONE!

Did my Masters at USM. Planning for my PhD in Nottingham University if all goes well.

35. Make a Will-DONE!

Recently. I might just die any minute. Life is too short to take anything/anyone for granted.

SCORE: 29/35

Trigger happy. Sorry. Fresh from Paintball. Pix to be posted later. Got articles to write...


  1. Came about your blog via Erna, via Eyeris. Wow..done many things and many things to do in the future!


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