Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vanish and Banish

This world is full of insecurities.

When Sheanz told me what she read, I had to take a look see for myself and yes- I have to admit, it did arouse the curiousity in me- please don't ask me why-- but after reading what I read-- I could not stop smiling at the mere thought that the one big threat she had was actually within herself. I felt like her once, a long time ago and now, I no longer have to worry. Such a peaceful feeling I have now.
One look at that haggard, tired face made me realize that life is too short to keep on worrying about impressing others and keeping up with the rich and famous...

Despite the (failed) attempt of conquering the rocky gym today, I had a fantabulous time today with Nol, Sham, DatinSeri ARK,Tasha, Sakti, Shamser, Anis, Rons, Ain, Sheanz and Nazzie.

Learnt a thing or two on Herbal sanitary pads (u can tear the pad up to dispel biodegradeable jelly-like insides, that soak the grimy red waste and you can flush this down the loo! Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! Cool bananas eh?)

The England vs Paraguay match was quite a yawnsville.... Only managed to watch half of Sweden vs TnT and THIS game was much, much fun-ner to watch. man Kimi second at the qualifying round.

This weekend rocks! (man...I sound so...jock-ish like.. hanging out waaay too much with anak HabiburRahman) No work. Just play.=)

Argentina is up next...but I think I should get my rest since I have an appointment at 10 with the rocky gym ppl.

VanishBanish those is too short. Just love with all your heart and be kind to yourself. I do pray for u and even if you think I don't care or love you, I do.

* If bleach can't be used to whiten your greys, there is always another solution*

I have VanishBanished ugly thoughts and replaced them with blessings, prayers and lots of love in my heart waiting for the right time to say " I do".

Can't wait! Sheanz and mami....pack your bags....

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