Friday, June 16, 2006

those pitiful eyes

am blogging, watching tennis and having my indo-mee -- guess who is staring at me with those pitiful eyes?

"feed me seymore...feed me" WOOF!

don't ask for fmore food when you can't have it..just fed u
don't look at me like that, go play with your toys
not everything i do is for you..or about you...
mummy needs to be fed and burped too

this weekend I am off! since I am no longer doing RU, will have a DVD marathon. perhaps go diving on Sunday. tmrw rock climbing at Batu caves! YES! organising a paintball tournament next week and off to Shanghai following week!

its so good to be where i am right now...and for you....staring at me with those pitiful eyes..don't k? it doesnt work for me? i still love you and respect you even when you bite the corners which i wish you didnt do. don't do that. go have a fake bone

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