rumor has it

watching 'rumor has it' starring jennifer aniston, shirley maclaine and kevin costner.

Things that struck home:-

1.marrying ure best friend is good

"its nothing about sara or jocelyn..its about you." hmmm...

2. i've been spending all my time trying to find out who i am, i realized i was just trying to find her

3. she came back, apologized and came back to me...."I didn't need to know"

"cause i got your mum, and not he"

"i don't understand why we are so different...I don't like tennis, I don't drive you do"
"i drive slow cause you are inside the car"

4. "words mean a lot to engagement means a lot to engagement is not something like maybe I'll marry does not mean testing the water to see if there is somebody else much better than means i love you..i want to spend the rest of my life with you."

5."i want to marry you..i'll marry you next month..i'll marry you next week..i'll walk out of this apartment and marry you now..."

"you can't just do that"

"i can't live without you..."

"one condition..our daughter will steer clear from B.B"
"and they slept together that night..and the night after that...and after that..."

When you know it deep inside, you do. Pursue that gut instinct. Sheanz and I are going to have a ball in Shanghai next week!