Organized religion

Went for a photo shoot today and had an interesting chat with PL.

"I don't belive in Organized Religion" was the much heated debate topic for today.

To a certain extent, I do agree on this. I go to mass every Sunday because it gives me sincere peace at heart being able to 'speak' to HIM and sing songs of praises. I do not go because it is a day of obligation - our Sabbath Day.

I take communion despite not going for 'confession' beforehand - without guilt- cause I honestly believe the act of communion, will strengthen my belief in God- and there is no actual need for Church protocal, to 'apologize first' in order to qualify for the 'body of Christ'.

I don't attend mass for ALL days of Obligation in our Catholic calendar, because quite so often, I find myself tuning off to the sermons, it defeats the purpose of me actually going there. I prefer reading the scriptures for that special day and understanding it within my own capacity , and when I am unsure, I will seek the assistance of the priest or brother who can help me to understand it better. Bible Studies 101.

I believe in heaven and hell- and I know that we are only passing through earth before we reach our 'true destination'. And I am not afraid of leaving this world. I am not worried when I am dead. I am just a coward and wish for a quick, painless death.

I believe that we all have one God. For those who are confused over their choice of religion, I honestly think its all the same -- all religious teachings, ultimately teach you to be good. It's just the fundamentals- the organized way that its carried out, that may differ from one religion to another. So for those who are converting, I will be there for your "baptism" - even if your parents might disapprove.

3 days till I leave Msia...yay!


  1. I saw you dive with the shark on TBS which btw has become one of my favorite morning show. It lively and not boring. It not so proper-proper rigid like some of the competition so congratulations on that.
    I wish you safe travel to China with Shanee Lee (right spelling ar?).


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