I love you

With birthday celebrations coming up, some people have trouble finding the right present for that one special person.

I know one man who made one lady very happy - he finally said the magic words
Why is it that some men find it so hard to say these 3 words to their partners?
I snooped around and these are some of their replies:-
1. I believe that some men may care but may not care as much as you do, cause when you love some one, it wont matter where you are or who your with, he will express his love to you.
2. Men have "mother complex" This makes hard on them to say to a woman that he loves her. Besides men are timid, they have been in the arms of the mother all their lives, and they take time to understand this majic relationship when they grow. It is the woman who convince him, and make him feel good to express his feelings towards her. "I love you" are the words which do not count. The important thing is the "feeling". Grab the oppourtnity that wait for these 3 words. It is well said that woman does not have confidence in herself [even in this situation, and waits to hear 3 words, and wastes time in her life].
3. well ..here is what my father told me ...back in the day...men were taught not to show emotions...men were to be tuff..rough...they were not to cry ...etc...since those days..some men ..due to single moms raising children..have become a little more sensitive. however...when and if they show this side...their buddies ridicule them for it..so they shut down again. so ..ask him..after so many years of marraige im sure u communicate..communication ..is the key to find answers !!!
4. Many men, as I was, brought up in the 40s and 50s never learned by example of our fathers to say "I love you" to our wives. Our fathers never heard it from their fathers, and on back. It was a period of stoicism and men just did not express emotion. It's a shame that generations of wives have had to suffer because of the out-moded European practice.The only thing that came of it that was good is that this stoic way of being helped our parents get through very difficult times, just as it did their forefathers. They went through the Great Depression, their forefathers through plagues and famines and other hardships. If we could unlearn the inbred ways of our fathers, I know, we as men would be better off.
It may then not be a sign of his lack of love, but rather your husband's way of thinking or acting from example. If you could bring it to his attention and express what you would like and why, possibly he will see what it means to you and will be more sensitive. However, If you feel so alone, it seems there is more at play than his slighting you with these words.Since I've been aware of this fact about the need to say I love you, I have tried to say it more readily, surprising my wife sometimes while she's making supper, or while we're watching TV. I must admit, I've gotten away from this little gesture of affection of late and will have to renew it myself.
5. keep telling him you love him make the bugger feel ashamed for being so callous to you.one day he'll erupt and maybe come out with why he has been hiding his affection.
Happy birthday to my cancerian friend! We will have a blast in Shanghai!


  1. safe trip, ya :)

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